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The secret of his physical form

The secret of his physical form

What does Barbara Dorso eat to keep fit? The well-known presenter, who is often attacked, criticized and harassed, is also envious of her truly perfect physique, which she proudly flaunts despite her 65-year-old age. But what does he eat to be like this?

Even if it comes often Criticize For clothes that have been worn or for photos that are considered overly “difficult” that you post on social media, Barbara Dorso is also very tough. Appreciated For his body, which he tries to keep at its best with sports but above all, healthy nutrition.

for him diet, Which he also talked about in a recent conversation an interview, It is very diverse and, above all, not at all restrictive. Among the typical products of the Mediterranean diet, food Quality And the Fruits and vegetables From her land, this is what Carmelita chooses to keep fit…

Barbara Dorso: What does her diet include?

diet that Barbara Dorso The following is full of products Antioxidants And the Anti-aging. In a recent interview with Repubblica, it was the introduction itself that revealed what it was all about feeds to keep Healthy body And the Nice.

to me breakfast, For example, he always chooses a slice of wholemeal bread, natural yogurt, centrifuged or fresh fruit. At lunch, however, he prefers macaroni (always wholemeal flour) or vegetable rice, all seasoned with 1 tablespoon of raw olive oil and accompanied fish or alternatively, tofu;

For dinner, Barbara chooses a meal to me Always cooked vegetables; Here too there is no shortage of wholemeal bread and sometimes a cup of red wine.

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In the diet chosen by the Neapolitan presenter, there are also some Snacks Made from red fruits or dried fruits, such as almonds or hazelnuts, from orange juice or from various centrifuges.

However, Carmelita sometimes allows herself some cheat In fact, he eats once a week Pizza. In short, a diet that is easy to follow and, above all, without too much deprivation!