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The seat on the board is ready

The seat on the board is ready

The new president asked him to return to the club: for him the role of deputy

On the one hand Investigations and indictments And the scandal is increasing day by day. On the other hand, the right attempt to dust off the environment and return society to a clean, representative and likable face. the new Juventuswhich will then be officially born Jan 18th With the new board set up but in fact already under construction, it’s going to start over Alessandro Del Piero. This is an idea Gianluca Ferrerothe next president of Juventus, and above all the property, which has decided, in truth with delayed guilt, to return its most beautiful flag.

The rapprochement, after ten years of exile, had already begun again some time ago, with a return Del Piero on the field. Moon landing on the planet JuventusHowever, it now seems very close. In the past few hours, I wrote Gazzetta dello Sport and La Stampa, the boss Ferrero In fact, he could have picked up the phone and called the former Juventus star to propose to him, apparently, for the vice-chair position. An operational role but also, if not above all, an acting role. Because never before has there been a fundamental need to restore credibility to an environment ravaged once again by investigations.

In short, given that in the end we have to rebuild from the rubble – without actually knowing the damage this earthquake will do – we may start again from the beloved past, which was never asked about, and which the great people of Juventus have waited for years. for his part, Del Piero Looks like he’s ready to go back. It’s been around for quite some time, but something has always been a bit off the mark. Now that everything is gone, his presence is once again central and necessary. And the new year could be the year of Del Piero bis.

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