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The Rings of Power, Elon Musk against the new series of Lord of the Rings:

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Powerthe new series based on the works of JRR Tolkien and landed on Prime Video last September 2 with such public fanfare that it broke important records, instantly dividing audiences between enthusiastic fans and critics regretting it. Tolkenian Origins. There are also some brilliant detractors who have made their voices heard In the last few hours: Around Elon Musk. The Tesla founder wasted no time and tweeted that Tolkien would be “turning in the graveAfter watching the first two episodes of modifications to his works.

Explaining his reasons for his disagreement, Musk later wrote that “Most of the male characters we’ve seen so far are cowards, idiots, or bothOnly the dwarf warrior he played is saved. Morvid Clark: “Galadriel is the only one who is brave, smart and kindA”, the well-known businessman commented with his shots and shots Often controversial positions. Perhaps one of Musk’s concerns is that the show portrays men as inferior or less prepared than women. After all, the same accusation was made before Thousands of trolls who in recent days have tried to bury the series, accusing it of being too politically correct because of the importance that female or black characters have.

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bombing review Apart from that, one cannot help but believe that the accusations made by Elon Musk also have something to do with his accusations. financial competitions. It is known that he sees in Jeff Bezos, the patron of Amazon, is one of its most bitter enemies, especially after the competition between their space projects, SpaceX and Blue Origin. So Musk is not new to the practice of criticizing Bezos corporate initiatives on Twitter. There is no doubt about it for Amazon Studios and therefore for Prime Video rings of strengthwhich has been the cost so far 250 million dollars to acquire rights e 465 million To achieve the first season (five planned), presents an important and ambitious challenge, which is paying off at the moment. In short, behind the skirmishes between billionaires, there is also the future of broadcasting and entertainment in the background.

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