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The reversal of the weather has started since the middle of the month

If anyone still has any doubts about March’s potential, they’ll have to change their mind. So far we feel cold, in short, the middle of winter.

We remember heavy snowfall, which hit the central and southern Apennines mountain range, sometimes reaching very low altitudes. The hail is still present in those areas but it is also present where the high pressure has regained its strength. Intermittent recovery, new change looming should remind us that the Atlantic Ocean exists.

We will face an exacerbation in the western sectors, the son of the Western European depression with the deepening of the Afro-Mediterranean cyclonic vortex. Winter is over? Not yet.

Winter may return next week. but when?

We’ve looked at prediction models, like every day, and we can tell you that ICCs are still geared toward dynamics that in the spring – on a thermal level – will have little or nothing. It is true that next week we will see a temporary African fire, which will moderate the climate, but it is also true that it may last quite a bit.

In the second half of next week, a new wave of cold air could hit Eastern Europe, From there he moved west, targeting Central Europe and the Mediterranean. The most reliable models tell us that cold air can affect us directly, Which leads to a drop in temperatures which at that point will return to full winter values.

Not only that, but precipitation can also be repeated, and given the thermal picture it will take in the form of snow at very low altitudes.. where is she? Probably in the same areas for the last few days, so in the middle of the southern Adriatic. We’ll see, the truth is that winter probably isn’t over yet and could have important catches even in April.

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