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The release date of the Marvel movie on Disney Plus has been revealed, titled

The release date of the Marvel movie on Disney Plus has been revealed, titled

The official Twitter account of eternity She revealed that the Marvel movie will be arriving soon on Rat’s subscription service. over there Disney Plus release date From the Eternals is January 12, 2022. It will be available to all subscribers at no additional cost.

Marvel’s Eternals arrives in Italian cinemas on November 3, 2021. So the release date for Disney+ was announced about a month after it hits theaters. After only two months, the movie will already be on the subscription service.

Cast from eternity like eternity

This is a very quick step, but it is not new. Both with Black Widow (which was also available in paid VIP access previously) and Shang Chi and The Legends of Ten Rings quickly arrived at Disney Plus. Thus the subscription service is gaining more and more value.

Here it is Official description of the movieDirected by Chloe Chow, The Eternals is the new Marvel/Disney production. The movie is based on the comic Eterni, created by Jack Kirby and first released in 1976. Set in millions of years, it follows the story The Eternals, A group of superheroes, created through a series of experiments by cosmic beings called celestials.In addition to having eternal life, eternity has incredible strength and powers, the ability to fly, manipulate matter into the particles level, to use teleportation and control the minds of others. Sending Eternals to Earth to protect humanity from the threats of perverts, created by the Celestials and becoming their sworn enemies. It will be a battle that will last for several years to try to establish the supremacy of one of the two races.”

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