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The protagonist risks her life

Expectations of a Place in the Sun: A New Dramatic Turn In the upcoming episodes of the series, the protagonist risks his life

A new dramatic transformation in the upcoming episodes of place in the sunThe beloved Ray 3 soap that knows no crunch. The progress Regarding next week’s episodes, she actually confirms that one of the heroines will live a delicate moment, risking her life.

It’s all about a love story between Nico and Susanna, but only at a certain point. In fact, the girl’s last sentences put Renato’s son into a crisis, but thanks to Angela’s words, he will be able to understand what he really wants. But everything is destined to change due to the dramatic transformation.

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Susanna already He will be the victim of an attackWhen he arrives at the hospital in a serious condition, everyone will gather around Niko even if Renato suffers a lot from this situation. Meanwhile, Marina and Alice are ready to head back to London, but not before Fabrizio gives them a nice surprise. Instead, Silvia will continue the double life with Giancarlo secretly from the rest of the family.

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A Place in the Sun Predictions: The investigation into the brutal attack on Susanna takes an unexpected turn

In the middle of the week, the investigation into Susanna’s assault will begin and everyone will likely be a suspect even if the police focus on the girl’s new acquaintance. Serena and Irene They are about to return to Palazzo Palladini, but an unexpected meeting can change everything.

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And on the weekend, Investigation It takes an unexpected turn, with Niko increasingly in the sights of the investigators. However, Samuel will also end up in trouble: after talking for a long time with Guido and confessing to him, he is convinced that no one loves him and that Sylvia wants to expel him. Will it really be like this?