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The pro-Moroccan Franco-Belgian network appears: this is what the Shadow Society did

Qatargate, or Maroccogate if we consider exclusively the line of investigation that sees Rabat as the protagonist, is not only about the Italians and the “clique” he leads. Antonio Panziri And the Francesco Giorgi who, according to Belgian investigators, worked for the North African country in exchange for bribes. The detectives’ magnifying glass can be shown, as has already been predicted by the indiscretions in the Greek press, to no fewer than sixty MEPs.

But it is politics itself that questions the level of influence Morocco has gained in recent years in Europe. In particular, in a long series of establish And the related to In Brxuelles who formally have the task of bringing the old continent closer to the other side of the Mediterranean. Laayoune from this point of view also focuses on a well-branched Franco-Belgian network between the institutions of society.

foundation “sleep”

On Euroserver For several days we have been observing the internal dynamics of the European Parliament regarding relations with Qatar and Morocco. If a stricter line is currently chosen in Doha, which prevents lobbying companies close to the emirate from entering the European Parliament, then in Rabat, on the other hand, the situation looks somewhat different.

last week It was actually rejected Amendment submitted by La Sinistra Group in the context of a proposal on Qatargate, where it was applied Procedures consistent with those applicable to representatives of national interestsIn other words, preventing companies loyal to Rabat from entering the European Parliament and avoiding more Moroccan influences in light of the new data that appeared in Qatargate.

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Preventing party voting put Doha and Rabat on the same level. Circumstances may have been the basis for Qatar’s reaction in the past few hours, as the emirate had already threatened Europe to endanger gas supplies. Some people’s deputies, socialists, democrats and liberals voted against the motion. Among them is also the Belgian MEP Frederick Reese.

His name, according to Eurobserver, is not new when it comes to Morocco. In fact, he was part of the board of directors of a foundation called euromeda. Rhys isn’t the only former star member. In the list there are names like that of Patricia LalondeFrench Liberal MP. as well Jill Barno, the former French socialist MEP even mentioned him as a co-founder of the foundation. The other founder is the former Moroccan Minister of Health, Muhammad Sheikh is in the hands of God. Also on the board, it also stood out Ramona ManscoFormer Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs.

basis for weight, despite the fact that Eurobserver analysts themselves refer to it as “idle”. The website has not been updated for a long time, and there is no news of the activities carried out in recent years. Even the title shows a certain degree of “instability” of the enterprise. It will in fact be located in the same Brussels offices as the lobbying firm Hill + Knowlton Strategies.

The weight of the establishment and the Franco-Belgian network

Already in 2018, the Foundation had an important role in steering the course of the European Parliament in favor of Morocco. Indeed, that year, Eurobserver explains, its members were among the key figures for Maxi’s signature trade agreement between Morocco and the European Union. Nothing bad, at first glance, except that a large part of what was expected in those agreements was rejected by the European Court. The reason is given by including the agreement as well Western Desertan area claimed by Rabat, but whose sovereignty in the area is not recognized by the European Union.

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It is clear that the pressure exerted by the lobbies close to Rabat was very strong. The Foundation had an important role in this regard. His activity can only be explained by direct links to the interests of Rabat. And the fact that former members of its board have in recent days contributed to avoiding equality between Morocco and Qatar within the European Parliament with regard to Qatargate suggests that the institution is anything but dormant.

However, only in the 2018 group greens He asked questions about the behavior of members of the European Parliament close to Euromeda and about the reasons for not registering the institution in the register of pressure companies in Brussels. Questions that were not to follow, as has been emphasized Prophetof the answers.

A sign that lobbying activity in Europe, and perhaps not only in the cases of Qatar and Morocco, is falling into gray areas. If not, as has been shown by recent investigations, in actual corruption activities.