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The postponed video game, originally scheduled to release in February: The New Time

The highly anticipated video game has been postponed. Its February release suffers from a delay. They have already decided the date of the new title

First of all, let’s talk about a title he enjoys, given the amazing popularity he has dense network of believers Who can’t wait to finally play it. The peculiarity of this game is that it arouses the curiosity of many fans of the famous horror movie. This is because it is based on the famous franchise known in our country as “the home”. But the video game has been delayed.

Deferred video game, new history (video game source)

But this video game isn’t the first delay he should quit for. In fact, it was actually postponed once for very specific reasons. In fact, in the beginning, it was his exit Scheduled in 2021, to then be set for February. What is the cause of the second slip? Developers, such as Apologies they gave to Hitman 3 players.

The match has been postponed for the second time

On the other hand, others never stop, like these Titanfall working on a new FPS game. With the promise of a new trailer, the development studio Boss Team Games It will be ready in February for the start of official pre-orders. In fact, although we should have had it back then in the beginning, We have to wait a few more months. The purpose of this postponement lies in the fact that they decided to increase development even more, so that they could achieve the greatness of the famous franchise. evil Dead.

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Delayed video game
Video game postponed for the second time (source Twitter).

We know the gameplay very well. a 4 vs 1 multiplayer, and therefore asynchronous, where you play the killer and the other players. Obviously then, during the frantic race to survive, there will also be many secondary challenges to be completed in a single player. “This postponement gives our team the time they need to fix things, so your Boomstick will be finished, fully charged and ready to blast the Deadites when they arrive Friday, May 13th.”.

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Well, yes Selected release date for Evil Dead: The Game It’s just that. On May 13th, Friday, to be exact, we can finally play the Boss Team Games. Weird that the release date was chosen as Friday the 13th. Are we sure it’s just a coincidence?