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The Pope: The people most responsible for the life and future of the Church

The Pope: The people most responsible for the life and future of the Church

Francis receives the missionaries of Mariannhill on the occasion of the General Semester and invites them to “develop a lasting pastoral conversion that manifests itself in every activity: from the priestly and spiritual formation of the laity to the planning of apostolic projects.”

Salvatore Sernozio – Vatican City

Pope Francis speaks of the “Synodality” and the “common responsibility” of the laity before the Marianhill Missionaries, who were received on the occasion of the seventeenth year of the year celebrated after the centenary of the Synod, which was born in South Africa by inspiration. Austrian Trappist missionary Franz Pfanner. It is precisely to those beginnings of society that the Pope directs his thoughts, inviting them to maintain the solidity of his “founding charisma”, which “combines devotion to evangelical counsels with a passion for spreading the Gospel. ad clans And the growth of the kingdom of Christ in holiness, justice and peace.”

The life and future of the Church

Then the Pope considers in his address in the hall of the Consistory the current events, in light of the theme of the chapter – Solidarity: calls for one spirit and one goal It stresses “particular importance in light of the broader synodal path that the universal Church has taken in recent months.” It is an “Ecclesiastical Journey” that aims to enhance the communion, participation and missionary commitment of all baptized, through a process of spiritual discernment centered around encounter, listening and reflection, in order to achieve ever greater openness, newness and vitality of the Holy Spirit. his suggestions.

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An essential element of the synodal process is the development of a greater sense of the common responsibility of the lay faithful for the life and future of the Church.

Francesco receives some gifts

pastoral conversion

The Marianhill Missionaries could be an example in this sense: “The history of your pastoralism shows – as the Pope remembers – that evangelism, from the beginning, was accompanied by a commitment to encourage original vocations, to promote integral human vocations to development within communities and to the development of a spirit of shared responsibility for the common good” .

As you persevere in your efforts to advance this unity and solidarity in the service of the Gospel, I encourage you to develop a lasting pastoral conversion, which can manifest itself in all dimensions of the life and activity of your community, of priesthood and of people. The spiritual formation of the laity on the concrete planning of the apostolic projects.

Soul’s voice

And if the synod to which the Church is called at this time includes “walking together and listening together,” Pope Francis certainly asserts, “the first voice that we must listen to must be the voice of the Holy Spirit.” The listening that the Pope translated into a wonderful metaphor:

Not far from us is the large obelisk of St. Peter’s Square. You are all familiar with the impression he made on Abbott Pfanner, the story of the genesis of the great monolith. Despite enormous human efforts, it was only possible to save the obelisk from falling at the last moment by pouring water on the ropes. Today, as always, the water of the Holy Spirit is needed, not only to make the labor of our hands flourish, but above all to soften the hard ground of our hearts.

The audience in the concert hall

The audience in the concert hall

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Soften charity

“Neither hard nor closed hearts,” is the recommendation that the Pope should leave to missionaries, affirming his prayers hoping that the chapter will bring “abundant spiritual fruits.” Along with this, hope”softening For charitable work:

With close love and a soft, gentle word that the soul makes when it works in the heart. And that beautiful farewell: I wish you so.