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The Pope declares great importance

The Pope declares great importance

The Pope announced it in the presence of the faithful who came to hear him in St. Peter’s Square. Twenty-one new cardinals will enter the College of Cardinals at the end of the summer.

Jesus’ earthly life culminates in the ascension to heaven, which we celebrate today. “What does this event mean? How do we understand it?During Regina Cayley today, Pope Francis answered these two questions.

Jesus does not leave us alone

Before we understand the deep theological meaning of the Ascension, it is necessary to dwell on two works that Jesus did shortly before:gift of the soulAnd the blessing of the pupils.

Then Jesus announced the descent of the Comforter who “will accompany“,”will lead” And the “You will support in the mission“The disciples defended them in”Spiritual battlesJesus is not.Give up” for him. “He ascends to heaven and does not leave them aloneExplanation of the Holy Father.

it is exactly Ascension to the Father “that Jesus” guarantees the outpouring of his soul. He previously said:It is good that I go, for if I do not go, the Paraclete will not come to you.(John 16.7).

words revealJesus’ love for us: He has a presence that does not want to limit our freedom. backwards – Follow the Supreme Pontiff – Make way for us, because true love always generates a closeness that does not crush, but makes heroes“.

Ascension to Heaven,Instead of staying close to a few in his body, Jesus approaches everyone with his spirit“, World Health Organization “He makes Jesus present in us, far from the barriers of time and space, to make us his witnesses in the world.“.

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“Going out” to the Father

The second verb, the act of grace, is “Priestly gesture“Ordained by God”Since the time of Aaron“To the people. So Jesus is”The great priest in our life. Jesus ascended to the Father to intercede for us, to offer him our humanity. And so, before the eyes of the Father, there is and always will be with the humanity of Jesus, our life, our hopes and our wounds.“.

in “displacementTo Heaven, JesusHe leads us, he goes to prepare a place for us, and henceforth intercede for us, so that we may always be accompanied and blessed by the Father.“.

Today’s Gospel raises a series of questions:we really“Affiliate”Gospel witnesses“They received from Jesus”gift of the soul“? we too “Are we able to love others by leaving them free and making room for them?. We also know”To become intercessors for others, that is, do we know how to pray for them and bless their lives? Or do we use others for our own interests?“.

teach us to climbIntercede for the hopes and pains of the world, for peace“and bless”With the view and the words we meet every day!Then the Pope concluded.

“The patient is more important than his illness.”

After reciting the Marian prayer, Francis recalled the beatification, which took place yesterday in Modena, of priest Luigi Linzini, who was killed by communist supporters in 1945.Because he was guilty of referring to Christian values ​​as the main way of life in a climate of hatred and conflict at the time. May this priest and priest of Christ, apostle of truth and justice, help us from heaven to bear witness to the Gospel with love and frankness.Happy Bergoglio.

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On the occasion of Social Media Day being celebrated today on this topic Listen with the ear of the heartThe Holy Father praised the virtue of listening. “Knowing how to listen, as well as the first act of charity, is the first indispensable element of dialogue and a good educationHe emphasized the hope that everyone knows.”Grow in this ability to listen with heart“.

In Italy, the day is also celebrated as National Relief Day, which gave the Pope the opportunity to remember that “The patient is always more important than his illness” Is that “Even when it is not possible to cure, it is always possible to cure, it is always possible to control, and it is always possible to make people feel close.“.

As the Pope summoned Rosary of Peace, scheduled for Tuesday, May 31It is the last day of the Marian month and the liturgical feast of the visit of Mary Most Holy. At 6 pm, in the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, we will pray in connection with many temples in different countries.. “I invite believers, families and communities to join this prayer, to obtain from God, through the intercession of the Queen of Peace, the gift the world has been waiting for.Said Francesco.

August 27: New building

The last – and most important – announcement of the Contry’s call on Saturday 27 August, for the appointment of 21 new cardinals. Here are the names of the cardinals elected by the Holy Father: Arthur RocheHead of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Regulation of the Sacraments; Lazarus Yoo Hyung Sik Dean of the Clergy Council. Fernando VergesHis Excellency the President of the SCV Province. Jean-Marc Noel EvelynArchbishop of Marseilles; Peter Iberi Okpalecki, Bishop of Ekolubia (Nigeria); Leonardo UlrichArchbishop of Manaus; Felipe Neri Antonio Sebastiao do Rosario Ferrão Archbishop of Goa (India); Robert McElroyArchbishop of San Diego; Virgilio do Carmo da SilvaArchbishop of East Timor; Oscar CantoneseBishop of Como; ANTOMI POOLArchbishop of Hyderabad (India); Paulo Sesa Costaarchbishop. Brasilia. Richard Koya BowerBishop of Wa (Ghana); William Goh Seng ChiArchbishop of Singapore; Adalberto Martines FloresArchbishop of Asuncion; Giorgio MarengoApostolic Governor of Ulan Bator.

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To these names are added five cardinals over eighty, and therefore not electors: Jorge Enrique Jimenez CarvajalHonorary Archbishop of Cartagena (Colombia); Lucas Van LooyArchbishop Emeritus of Gent; Arrigo Miglio, Archbishop Emeritus of Cagliari; the father Gianfranco Ghirlanda Yes, theologian, former dean of the Pontifical Gregorian University; Monsignor Fortunato Frieza.

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