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The police arrested the American coach during the World Championships in Athletics: He has several complaints

The police arrested the American coach during the World Championships in Athletics: He has several complaints

Police arrested the American coach during the World Championships in Athletics. He did not have permission to remain on the track during the warm-up as there are investigations into him after receiving numerous complaints.

All this happened in a few moments. Just long enough to realize it frog rider The American athletics coach, he couldn’t be in that area of ​​the track during the 100m final at the 2022 World Championships in Athletics. Eugene was just so anticipating to challenge the Americans But it immediately seemed unlikely for everyone to see the coach stationed in the warm-up area for the athletes. Ryder has established himself as one of the best track and field coaches in the world after overseeing the success of several elite athletes, including the Olympic 200-meter champion. Andre de Grasse The world champion in triple jump four times Christian Taylor.

Ryder, a former UK track and field employee, trains athletes at Tumbleweed Track Club in Jacksonville, Florida after recently relocating his training center from the Netherlands. But he could not stay in these world championships. the reason? An investigation is underway Several complaints of “sexual assault and misconduct” by the US SafeSport Center, which forced all the athletes under his leadership to train elsewhere with other coaches. The 52-year-old has long denied any wrongdoing through his lawyer, saying the charges against him are. “Don’t check and don’t try”. But because of this charge he was suspended from world athletics.

At the time, his attorney said that no formal charges had been brought against Ryder. But despite all the British hostility Daryl Netta Had to leave Reider’s training group in Florida during Gemili and Laviai Nielsen He was removed from the UK’s world-class track and field program in December after choosing to stay with him instead. General chaos came to an end a few minutes before the race that was about to start yesterday evening, during the men’s 100m final.

Ryder refused to leave Having access to the event on an irregular basis. Until the end of the investigation, he cannot participate in this kind of demonstration. When the event security approached him, he did not want to hear the reasons for the decision to stay, but did so after notifying the police. “Event security discovered an unaccredited person in the athlete’s warm-up area, was asked to leave and refused – He reads the note from World Athletics – The police were immediately notified and expelled. The police warned him that if he returned, they would arrest him.”