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The perfect snow is coming. Affected areas, accumulations cm. All confirmed, method »

Weather Official Release: The perfect snow has arrived. Affected areas, accumulations cm. All confirmed, time

Snow forecast for Wednesday, December 8, 2021 Winter is coming, real. After waiting for the strong descent of the cold polar winds during these hours, known as the Arctic Suburbs, it plunged into the Mediterranean Sea, entered as usual from the port of Puerto del Della, and slipped very fast from the Atlantic to the Bo Valley. From the first hour of Wednesday, December 8, there will be a strong storm, followed by shocking currents, nourishing and humid sea breezes, followed by polar sea breezes.

Expected events from the night between Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th Yes Lasts until Thursday 9th December Plains throughout Piedmont, Lombardy, Piacenza, Ligurian relief areas over 400 m, Alps and Freelps at all elevations and at all altitudes, including the Adij Valley, with extreme winter and fog; In the first hours of Wednesday, rain-soaked scales can reach land in the plains of Veronese and Vicentino and in Cardo, waiting for the inevitable improvement of moderate Sirocco rising from the Adriatic Sea. But the snowfall in our northwest would be perfect! It will often be timely and times have been confirmed.


Turin 10-12cm a good load, 18cm-20cm more stable in the mantle expected in Milan, Orobie, Trentino Alto Adige 50cm right up to Belluno area.

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