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The Olympic Games: Jacobs and the New Life of a King.  How much you earn, host them, "I'll stay me"

The Olympic Games: Jacobs and the New Life of a King. How much you earn, host them, “I’ll stay me”

Rome, August 10, 2021 – New Life: He’s Gone in Tokyo As a semi-unknown boy, he returned as king of Italy, at least from a mathematical point of view. Marcel Jacobs returns home and embraces his family: mom Viviana, Companion Nicole and Children. In a year, the World Championships in Athletics will be held in the USA and Jacobs will be the protagonist again. But in the meantime, there’s a new life to manage. He became a sports star in less than ten seconds, long enough to win the gold medal. And now, among the sponsors, hosting and earnings from participation in international athletics competitions, Jacobs Become a real company.

Host: Let’s start with Formula 1

Everyone wants it, on TV and at events. Jacobs already has a waiting list for those who want to exploit his image, for those who want to honor him. Let’s start with an example from Formula 1: In September the Monza GP will be a guest of Ferrari and John Elkann. Jacobs is a huge fan of Formula 1. “For me it is a dream to be able to see live samples Which I’ve followed on TV,” says Bean, amazed and amazed, but realizing that now he’s the real star. Jacobs will be the guest of honor at the Quirinale, where he, along with the medal-winning athletes, will symbolically return the Italian flag, again in September.



For Jacobs, there will be a new contract with Nike, his technical sponsor. He is now a great athlete and nothing will be left out from a marketing point of view: in all likelihood, even the group that will bear his name, as happened with Usain Bolt’s Puma.

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Profits of up to 5 million dollars

The €180,000 gross premium, 42% tax, which Connie would give him certainly wouldn’t make him rich. for the victory of TokyoBut it’s all about his work. In the United States, they are already evaluating the immediate effects of his success: a specialist American site has actually calculated that winning the 100 would bring Jacobs, a beautiful contemporary figure who could immediately make a strong impact in the fields. Like fashion or proper nutrition. 5 million dollars.

Increasing followers circularly

In the space of one night, Jacobs increased the number of his followers on Instagram from 144 thousand to 463 thousand, and is expected to reach one million. in a few days. The race par excellence of the Games gives every athlete a vision around the world: just think of the Production Show, the dazzling display of the 100 finalists at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo, as if they were champions.