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The number of stolen WhatsApp accounts is rising, unprecedented fraud, beware of contact messages


It has become a scam of unimaginable proportions. There are more and more stolen WhatsApp accounts. Here’s how to defend yourself.

Even those who have I learned to recognize scams committed via SMS and WhatsApp running from Risks. Because With this fraud come messages from contacts which we have in the column.

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hacker criminal Who invented the system does a lot of damage. Unfortunately, the The phenomenon is expanding And although it was discovered two years ago, it still works. WhatsApp is the most used messaging app. Let’s think for a moment how many contacts we have in the address book. A few hundred at least.

So let’s imagine how many millions of people have fallen into the crosshairs of criminals. But let’s understand better how this scam works. In fact, this is identity theft. wHow do you defend yourself?.

WhatsApp accounts are stolen, beware of contact messages

If you get there short message “suspicious” We can delete it Immediately, Ed Avoid trying to phish. But if we receive a message on WhatsApp from a friend of oursthen it becomes a lot hard to understand that we are facing Negatives.

Hello, I sent you a code by mistake, can you send it back to me?It is up to the application, and can be traced back to a real contact in our address book. The problem is This contact has already been hacked. It was him He stole the account and all the names in the address book.

But Because he wants to get the code back? The reason is very simple. He needs it to steal another account, the recipient’s account. as we know, When we change the mobile phone or device number same, We need to reinstall the apps. Those, for safety’s sake, request data to verify that the request is legitimate. So they send a file unique code. This is theThe last step of the conversion procedureYes, send this code Authenticate the person performing the operation.

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Who sends the code? To the friend who asked, unfortunately the inevitable. His account, all data and even all the numbers in the phone book will be stolen. The fraud starts again. All these numbers will be sent a fake message.

There are already many accounts that have been hacked for this purpose The police are calling out to all those who have WhatsApp. If you receive a message like the one described above, you must immediately notify the Postal Police. Also through the site

We can also Personally notify all our friends, at least those closest to them, and warn them of what is happening. It’s the only way Stop this big scam Which harms countless users.


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