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Il fenomeno della NINA potrebbe sconvolgere l

The Nina phenomenon is back, and there’s bad news! Autumn has been turned upside down since September in Italy »

Weather: The Nina phenomenon is back, and there’s bad news! Autumn has been turned upside down since September in Italy

Nina can disturb autumn eyes on Climate anomalies in progress in the Pacificindicating the imminent arrival of Nina. But what is this?
We assess the situation by highlighting how this particular phenomenon affects email Troubled autumn in early September And the They are trying to understand what will happen to Italy next season.

phenomenon Nina Mainly refers to cooling temperature The surface waters of the central and eastern Pacific Ocean which, often, affect the climate From our planet, with different reflections also in Europe and in Italia. As we can see from the map below, the filelast reveal of surface temperatureThe Pacific Ocean (June 2021) was already under seasonal average (- 0.5 ° C), While now it seems that there is a change in the scene with another Descending trend (-1°C) for the next few months (Autumn trend).

Which Maybe Effects on the climate in Europe and Italy?
It is conceivable that the return Nina can increaseEntry of the numerous turbulences descending from the Atlantic Ocean Which would not find any obstacle from the high pressure that might instead turn to North Africa. L ‘beginning of autumnIf it is confirmed, it will be a bit rainy in the sector Central and Northern Europe, with influences also on the northern regions of our country.
A different letter instead middle south Where, in addition to above-average temperatures, rain will hardly come, with More than appreciable danger of prolonged periods of drought even in autumn.

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until the European Center He confirms this hypothesis in his own seasonal maps highlight a plyometric deficit instead of marked.

Will this really be the path next season will take? Nothing is certain about the weather
It’s still a question long-term trends Which needs further confirmation in the coming weeks, especially after other data for which we will immediately give you an account.

Pacific temperature anomalies (below -0.5°C): La Niña is comingPacific temperature anomalies (below -0.5°C): La Niña is coming