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The next day will focus on third-party games, for an insider -

The next day will focus on third-party games, for an insider –

According to journalist and insider Nacho Requena, editor-in-chief of the Spanish magazine, the following proof Nintendo Direct will focus on third party gamesincluding some Harbor Much expected like the ones in the Persona series.

According to Rekina, who touched on the topic in Live broadcast on TwitchDirect will be sent Tuesday next one.

Requena: “I was told that it will mostly focus on third party games. I was also told Personas would be present, although I don’t know which one.“This information can indirectly confirm the correctness of the appearance of the Persona 5 Royal cover in an online store, which occurred in recent days.

Persona 5 Royal will also arrive on the Nintendo Switch?

Whatever the case, the reporter also has other information: “There will be another game that’s been available for quite some time on other platforms… and it’s currently available for four years.“According to many, this could be the rumored port of Red Dead Redemption 2, which was released just four years ago. Of course, if that was the case, it would be a great miracle.

Obviously take everything very carefully, as it is unofficial and not official information by Nintendo.

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