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The new saga will consist of several chapters, says CD Projekt RED –


CD Projekt RED’s commitment to this series the magician will continue too After the fourth chapter Currently in development, at the moment it’s still without a specific title or numbering, but it’s clearly set to follow Other subsequent games.

From the new report for investors comes this announcement, actually not entirely surprising, by CD Projekt RED: “Just as the first story was made up of three chapters…we are in pre-production regarding the first game of the second saga of The Witcher ’,” said CEO Adam Kissinski, specifying that we’re “thinking about it.” More than one game“.

In fact, the new The Witcher under development was introduced asThe beginning of a new epic For the series, you’ll probably go tell different events in a new narrative arc, perhaps with at least part of the cast of characters different from what has been seen so far.

The idea, however, is to build a new saga consisting of more than one chapter, so there will be more The Witcher after this fourth game currently in development on Unreal Engine 5. In the meantime, we’ve learned that the next generation upgrade that will bring The Witcher 3 For PS5 and Xbox Series X | S is still expected by the end of 2022.

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