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The new law has been passed for electric cars: from 2027, they will all have to have this document | If they don’t issue you the certificate, you can throw everything away


Electric now you have to adapt to the new law – –

In the beginning there was chaos: No, we do not want to attack this study with polite quotes from texts that actually changed human history. However, even in this case we are all concerned.

Yes, because as it happens with any kind of revolutioneven the one we intend to talk about has already changed history, at least in one part in particular Humanity.

And he did so, precisely by definition, starting with one Chaos situation: Not a mess at all Disableddisassembled and without any fist, head or tail.

This is a truly historic shift, and it has concerned, and continues to do, one of the most important and fundamental areas of our society, which has recently become one The “face” has completely changed. Oh almost.

Yes, because, like any real transformation, this transformation also faced, and continues to face, not only problems to overcome, surprising obstacles, but also Also a “transient” phase.

Here is the new historical turning point

Gradually, like all transitions, the “middle” phase between before and after is actually somewhat like today: the day when you no longer identify with yesterday, but you don’t even see the whole face of the world. tomorrow. Here, the new historical turning point we are talking about is the one related to the mobility and transportation sector, and specifically the way in which it is carried out Vehicles Made. Or rather: to them Motors.

In short, we’re talking about the revolution that brought electric cars to our cities, known as Zero emissions or zero impactThis means that it does not pollute in any way: it is 100 percent electric, but it can also be hybrid, and in this phase of the “eco-transition”, precisely, it finds itself coexisting with thermal cars and the old generation, but mainly Also identify with those who have at the same time A heat engine works alongside the electric motor.

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Here’s what changes for the electric ones

“Less and less pollution, that is the goal but also not to lose ourselves economically: for this reason, between government incentives, production support and the gradual transition.” History towards electricity As the core business of multinational companies in this sector, we are moving step by step.

The last of which is the so-called Battery passport😀 2027 It will be official and necessary by law to obtain a document that, if not issued, will make the cars illegal. The certificate that electric cars must obtain to prove their carbon footprint to confirm the materials used and the methods used The process does not contravene EU rules.


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