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The new engine goes against all the laws of physics: a revolutionary, seemingly impossible sector


Car engines undergo a series of amazing changes, one of which goes against the laws of physics.

Innovations in the world of motors are now increasingly evident, to the point that we are not only moving to electric mobility, but also looking beyond it. There are many companies that have decided to design hydrogen models, with… Toyota Who created Mirai or BMW with hydrogen iX5.

Future car engine (

Choices that allow customers to get their hands on the model they like best, with the best features from a technical point of view. Innovations are also leading to a different approach, with a desire to reduce engine cylinders in order to create increasingly smaller cylinders.

However, there are also innovative ways, like the one you come from Japan They highlighted the possibility of designing thermal cars with engines that operate thanks to ammonia. A system that not only works perfectly, but at the same time allows us to reduce the pollution problem, while being a carbon neutral material. There is also now a new solution that is causing a lot of discussion.

Was the quantum engine born? Here’s how it will work

Innovations are always around the corner and you can see that from the study that became popular at the end of 2023. “Physicist”. In fact, the latter showed how the design of A “quantum engine”Thus, work can continue without interruption.

Quantum Engine (

It will undoubtedly be one of the greatest discoveries in history, considering how it would be possible to give life to a new concept of not only engines, but also physics at the same time. It was talked about by a physicist from the University of Kaiserslautern in Germany artur Videra, Which explained how a project could be possible.

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“Scientists have discovered that it cools gases and can therefore force bosons and fermions to interact. In this way, a system will be created that will completely revolutionize the whole of physics.”. If all this is really confirmed, the quantum engine could become one of the most revolutionary discoveries ever in human history, with the concept of energy and production being completely different compared to the past, and environmental conditions would also improve.


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