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The new Citroen C4 2022-2023, all the advantages of an SUV and a sedan combined in one car

The new Citroen C4 2022-2023, all the advantages of an SUV and a sedan combined in one car

Citroen C4 2022-2023 changes and renews itself. Because it is based on a Atypical coupe suv design And a spacious interior that makes it look like a sedan. As a good Citroen, comfort is one of its strengths. The French automaker has chosen to undergo a completely different design from the previous version that disappeared in 2018 with a line of coupes with all-wheel drive unprecedented in this class.

It also renews the lower part of it as It adopts lower class CMP platform. However, its wheelbase is stretched to the maximum to take advantage of the good habitability. If the EMP2 platform is not chosen, it is above all about costs, but also to allow the Citroen C4 2022-2023 to benefit from a 100% electric motor in addition to the classic petrol and diesel engines. Whatever its engine, the C4 remains true to Citroen’s tradition by showing great comfort.

What are the advantages of Citroen C4 2022-2023 suv

While the previous generation was made to a conservative design, the new Citroen C4 2022-2023 features It is an aspect that contrasts with the sympathetic competitors. It adopts a look halfway between a traditional five-door sedan and coupe suv. It is 3 cm higher off the ground than the previous version and its profile cannot be confused with any other shape thanks to the roofline on the high stern.

The hood is sculpted, as are the sides, while Generously inflated wheel arches. Obviously, the main feature of the SUV is the plastic protection that goes around the body of the car and gives it a more robust look. At the rear, the lights stand out with their signature luminous signature. A black tape ties them together and a spoiler cuts the rear window in two and interferes with the rear view.

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On the road, the The first quality of this third generation Citroen C4 It is obviously very convenient. Damping that takes advantage of hydraulic stops should always be considered and bumps are overcome without any difficulty. Its softness is complemented by generously padded seats that benefit from an advanced comfort program.

Citroen C4 2022-2023: reviews and what they like

on aboard of the plane Citroen C4 2022-2023 The available space stands out, especially in the large rear seats. This is explained by the giant step of 2.67 meters, which is worthy of the top. So if taller back-seat passengers don’t have trouble adjusting to their knees, they may struggle with the limited protection of the roof. The trunk also suffers from a coupe profile and shows only 380 liters.

in the front The dashboard is more classic than the exterior style. In the middle is a large 10-inch horizontal screen. The gauges are replaced with a digital display that gives the impression of being hastily combined and a simple display. Only basic information is present but cannot be configured.

The quality is somewhat different With expanded plastic installed at the top of the dashboard, while the lower parts have to deal with the hardest elements.