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The mystery of the virus that scares even humans - time

The mystery of the virus that scares even humans – time

Kovit is not the only concern virus affecting the earth. While humans are catching the plague in China, a mysterious epidemic is killing thousands of birds, mostly nightingales, off the east coast of the United States. Researchers have found hundreds of dead birds in the capital, Washington, D.C., in the state of New York and other parts of the coast, as far as Indiana. The first cases were reported in April, but the phenomenon has worsened in recent weeks, with federal agencies, academics and researchers searching for the cause.

The birds appear to have been infected with a strange virus, the origin of which is not yet known. According to some ornithologists, ‘killers’ may have some form of ‘bird flu’, while others talk about ‘salmonella’, which is unique in that it does not affect all bird species. “But only a few – Megan Kirchkesner of the Virginia Department of Nature, explains to ‘Science’ magazine – especially young birds”. “We are losing birds at a dangerous rate – said Jim Monsma, founder of the City Wildlife Animal Rescue Center in Washington – at first we did not think we were dealing with an epidemic.”

The alarm is already part of a worrying environment: according to Monsma, one-third of species in the United States are “rapidly declining”. “We can not rule out the possibility that this epidemic could spread to humans as well – he adds.” A new leap would be a dream come true for humans.

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