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The mystery of the little monster makes scientists argue. Details »

Milan: The mystery of the little monster makes scientists debate. the details

A hideous mermaid monster, a mysterious creature that was found 40 years ago in the Natural History Museumin a museum The natural history of Milan There are authentic puzzle: an unknown vertebrate called mermaid monster“. History is not recent, as it dates back to early eighties, then the exit Giorgio Tirosi Make this frightening discovery in the cavity. Coincidentally, while the cleaning agent, he found it well hidden skeleton of a wild animal, With Human hair, bird nails and fish fins.

At that time, the story made quite a stir and no employee could tell what it was: it came Archive, waiting for news. Today, 40 years later, the world of nature Giorgio Bardelli, an interview with the newspaper Corriere della SeraHe explained this strange mystery thus: “No one knew where it came from, and there were no documents or cards attached. Suspicion that it might belong to
Brothers Villa, Milan collectors who donated pieces to the museum. It may be dated back before 1943When the flames destroyed many artifacts and someone to rescue him put him in a crevice in the room.”
Bardelli He also added some intriguing details: From the X-rays we know that there is aWooden frame and iron inserts, while there is the largest part of the body papier-mache“.

So it seems kind of Create different animals, but virtually no scientist has succeeded in providing a logical explanation, and nearly half a century later, he remains one of the Unsolved mysteries in Milan’s museums.

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