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The Museum of Illusions arrives in Rome: science and fun

The Museum of Illusions arrives in Rome: science and fun

One of the world’s most exotic, fun, and interesting attractions will arrive in Rome from November 12 via Merulana 17. Rome is actually the 38th city in the world – second in Italy after Milan – to have an interactive museum that offers an interesting visual and educational experience.

Inside, experimenting, laughing, taking pictures and doing a lot more that is not normally allowed in the museum is allowed. The museum’s collection consists of more than 70 attractions related to science, particularly physics and psychology. Among the attractions that will open for the first time in Rome: the Symmetry Room and the RGB Room.

Through the Museum of Illusions it will be possible to learn a lot about perspective, visual perception, the human brain, science and understand why our eyes see things our brain does not understand.

The Museum of Illusions wants to stimulate thinking: our eyes are imperfect and so is our brain. This museum allows you to understand how much fun you can have when the eyes, and especially our minds, see something that is actually impossible. The Museum of Illusions is an original idea launched in 2015 in Zagreb (Croatia). It was supposed to be a unique project, but its potential soon became apparent. And so openings on all continents followed each other from Cairo to Dubai, from Chicago to Paris, from New York to Toronto to Italy: in Milan in 2021 and now Rome. Inside the museum there is also a collection of holograms.

The interactive path, which lasts about an hour (the time limit that allows the human brain to try its hand at illusion games while making sure there’s a moment of fun left), unfolds on one floor and consists of more than 70 attractions between rooms and installations.

AMES . room

In one corner of the room there is a giant, in the other a little person: to see how a person, simply by walking back and forth in the room, can get bigger or smaller.

round room

For those who have dreamed of being able to climb walls, being able to hover in the air, and defying the laws of gravity, this is the Round Room.

head on board

The illusion here is that the Queen of Hearts beheaded the viewer and served him to dinner. The body disappears and the head can be served in a large serving dish.

President illusion

Thanks to perspective, it is possible to “assemble” all the pieces of a very special chair, which will appear only from a specific and better point in the photo. The person sitting in the chair will look very small compared to the person standing next to him.

table of clones

What appears to be a large round table is actually a small part of a circle that is cleverly reflected in order to achieve the illusion. Once you are seated, you are surrounded by five copies.

symmetry room

A symmetry chamber is a room that is seen as a whole even if we actually see only half of it. In the center of the room, on the diagonal, there is a wall of mirrors extending only to a certain point of the room and near this end visitors stop to explore the illusion: here they can see a symmetrical reflection of themselves and also create the illusion that they are floating in the air.

RGB . room

In the RGB room we observe how the images are transformed. In the room there are three lamps on the ceiling: one is red, one is green and the other is blue. Instead, graffiti was printed in cyan, magenta, and yellow. When red, green, and blue lights are scattered on the walls to reach the cyan, magenta and yellow printed graphics, different images can be seen appearing and disappearing depending on which beam of light hits them.

room of lights

One of the most “Instagram sexiest” rooms in the museum is the art mode that plays with color shades, where there will be 3 different shades and 3 different colors!

infinity room

Mirrors surround the viewer at full height and the image will be reflected “to infinity and beyond.” Here you have to be careful not to miss the exit or else you will stay inside the room until closing time.

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