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The most powerful Russian ship has come into action - what it does

The most powerful Russian ship has come into action – what it does

It is considered to be Russia’s most powerful warship. It is currently located in the Black Sea, where it has been operating since the first day of the military operation announced by Moscow. Although rarely seen so far, TheSlava Moscow-class ship It actually works by following a certain pattern.

Cruiser Slava Moscow

On February 24, this mighty boat appeared from nowhere on a small rock Black Sea. A few days later, she became the heroine of one of the most discussed events of the Ukrainian conflict. As the Russians approached Snake Island, a strategic island, some of the rock’s defenders responded to a request for surrender: “Russian warship, go yourself f …. e“Well, that ship is the Moscow, the strongest warship available to the Kremlin.

The flagship of the Black Sea Fleet, Moscow, is impressive in both size and weapons. But what is its role? Why has she not yet entered into conflict with the straight leg? On the site navalnewsIt drew open source intelligence and integrated the functional parts of the ship, attempting to answer by reconstructing the above questions. Strategy So far accepted by ship. We must immediately create a prototype: the cruiser concept adopted by the Russian Navy is different from the concept of the US Navy. The Slavs, instead of taking their own aircraft carriers, aimed primarily at attacking enemy aircraft carriers.

Building around their design is not a coincidence 16 supersonic anti-ship missiles: First the P-500 Bazalt, then the long-distance P-1000 Vulkan. Well, without any high-value targets or aircraft carriers, these missiles are self-propelled. Be careful though, because the Moscow 64 S-300F Ref Van can rely on another armament system carrying defense missiles.

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Russian strategy in the Black Sea

The S-300F Note, Along with S-400 missiles located at the Sevastopol site and other missiles stationed in the Crimea, covering most of the ship’s northern Black Sea and the areas it patrols. In this regard, it is interesting to analyze Movements Of the boat. First, Moscow ran near Snake Island. Then, from March 2, when Russian ships began to carry out an apparently threatening mission near Odessa, the ship remained at sea, deviating from the aforementioned activities. The ship returned to the port of Sevastopol from time to time.

The Russian navy has staged various large-scale waterfall demonstrations. Attack. Except for the last time the boats left at the last moment. Analysts say the exercises helped to tie up Ukrainian forces (more). In other words, they represent, in fact, Cheats Or Distractions. Moskva has played a leading role in all the activities recorded to date. And this may continue in the coming weeks.

To control these movements, the Sigonella military base carried out at least two separate surveillance missions. Drones In the area around the Ukrainian military base. First, Italmilradar reports that the Northrop saw the Krumman RQ-4B plane return to Sicily, the Colcine Forte10, which took off yesterday and flew over eastern Poland, then finally flew into the Black Sea on the border between Romania and Moldavia. One came off the ground this morning, and the second drone, Calcine Magma, shut down the transponder so it could not find itself.