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The most interesting and how to apply

The most interesting and how to apply

If you are looking for work, the proposals offered by the Employment Center in Tuscany may be suitable for you. Several positions are open. Let’s see the most interesting and how to apply.

There are a lot of job opportunities offered by this field Tuscany and its employment center. We are quite aware that a Career Center, if well exploited, can represent a serious opportunity. More so if this is well organized and highlights different businesses. Thus giving a crucial path to many who are looking for work.

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The unemployment rate in Italy is already very high. Despite this, there are many who are ready to start a new business. Even at the expense of leaving their area of ​​residence. A choice that should come as no surprise given that the cost of living is always higher and work is essential, to say the least. As mentioned, an indication of the employment center is essential. So let’s go and see what it has to offer Tuscany Employment Center.

Tuscany job center proposals

for artie, Tuscany Employment AgencyRegional network management function is assigned to recruitment centers. It also deals with effective policy measures and services provided to citizens and businesses. Which makes the region one of the cores that can give a job. As expected, there are many offers on the portal. real infinity. So let’s see the most interesting proposals.

  • Business management consultant based in PontederaWe are looking for someone with experience in quality, safety and environmental management systems. Knowledge of major ISO regulations, safety and environment. Only one place is available. Full time contract with application deadline 01/24/2023.
  • Administrative employee in Arezzo office: The employee must be employed in submitting applications. Experience is required and a full time fixed term contract is offered. The qualification you need is a secondary education diploma that will allow you to enter university.
  • Customer information and assistance officers: The agency is the Convartigianato of Arezzo. The request starts from an installation company looking for a technical employee who will take care of taking measurements in companies, clients or small construction sites. The application can also be done by those who have no experience and there is only one place available. Full time and permanent. Education: Diploma in Surveyors.
  • Livorno office repeller: The company provides extermination function. No experience is required while the driver’s license “B” is full time and hard working. The reference educational qualification is a high school diploma.
  • Arezzo Auto Repair MechanicThe role to be carried out is that of an experienced Automotive Repair Mechanic. Only one place is available. The proposed contract is permanent and full time. Gross monthly salary refers to the artisan metal workers contract.
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These are just some of the jobs offered by the Tuscany Career Center. Those who wish to deepen the long list can do so For the specific search found on the regional body’s website. Here you can search for more by following your skills and needs.

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