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The magic of Italy, the press and the English: "Mancini is the real star"

The magic of Italy, the press and the English: “Mancini is the real star”

Three matches to complete the redemption. From the abyss to disqualification my world Enthusiasm for the sector Vitoriosa Which continues at Euro 2020. Under the guidance – “Expert and Winner” – Roberto Mancini, “the first star in National, the Italian, who has no real stars of international value. ” No national team, among those who reached the final stage of the European Championship, could boast of such a coach. titled Like Mancini, who during his career on the bench can boast more Awards (which is also the Premier League) for all 23 other technicians combined.

Praise for Roberto Mancini

underline tabloid Sun It is not a coincidence, but rather promotes excellence Rule for the work I have done ct Italian. “The hero who overturned Italy’s game and mentality”, Adopting a more modern and offensive tactical approach. a ‘real revolution’, we read daily MailWhich proves to a country “rooted in the tradition of football that there is an alternative way to win”. As confirmed by the latest, impressive, Prepare From the Azzurri: not only 11 consecutive victories, not only the streak of group stage successes without goals in the downside, but above all the streak of consecutive victories. 30 matches Unbeaten, which is equivalent to Vittorio’s record Water well. «Consistency in performance as a mature and conscientious team», Post. “It is true that Italy has not yet met one of the most reliable European contenders – confirms it guardian But such a long chain of positive results cannot be accidental. It is time for everyone to start looking at the Azores with more consideration.”

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