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"Spogliatoio di vermi". Insulti a squadra e Giulini: per l

“The locker room of worms”. Insults from the team and Giulini: Mazzarri was sacked by the Sardinian federation

“Mazarri is fired”, this is the headline we find this morning in columns Sardinian Federation. The newspaper reveals the background that led Cagliari to change the technical manual. The dismissal was not painless, on the contrary: the technician could have been fired. The reasons for this decision, President Giulini – we read – lie in the behavior of the coach who allegedly insulted the team and President Giulini himself. Worms dressing roomthis is the offensive sentence, it remains to be understood whether these episodes occurred in existence, or in a difficult confrontation with the players and then with Giulini, or if the sentences uttered by Mazari are directly referred to the meaning.

expelled, not acquitted
Sardinia newspaper talks about dismissal, not exemption. The difference is big. In the case of the exemption, in fact, the club must pay the technician until the last euro until the last day of the contract: in this case we are talking about a figure of about 5 million, that is, Mazari’s contract until June 30, 2024 plus the penalty prescribed in the case of exemption. However, with the dismissal, the club does not owe anything to the coach, and in fact can even ask the employee to damage the image.

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