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The lines of dialogue increased from 150,000 to 250,000 in one year? –


Bethesda recently released a new video dedicated to starfield It revealed a series of information dedicated to the science fiction game. Among other things, it is also said that the game will include 250,000 lines of dialogue. The number is not only huge (even by Bethesda standards) but it is also much higher than previously announced.

We actually remember that about a year ago, Todd Howard announced that Starfield was going to feature more than 150,000 lines of dialogue. For comparison, Skyrim has 60,000 and Fallout 4 has 110,000. With the latest video, it is stated that Starfield will reach at least 250,000.

that it A clear leap forwardIt’s basically like the Fallout 4 add-on inside Starfield. We are also intrigued by the fact that the number has increased from year to year. It is possible that the number indicated earlier was not only final, but was clearly erroneous, perhaps because there was no certainty that the team was able to complete work on another 100,000 lines of dialogue.

Like we told you, some developers outside of Bethesda have expressed doubts about the final quality of this massive game’s scripts, and now that the number has increased significantly, we think their opinion hasn’t changed much. However, the truth is that only Starfield will be able to prove his quality and there is no point in judging without being able to experience the game.

One thing is for sure, that 250,000 lines of dialogue is a file Work not to be underestimated And if everything is as perfect as fans hope, Starfield could truly be one of the biggest and most detailed games of recent years and Bethesda.

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