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The limit on the cash flow of our economy

The limit on the cash flow of our economy

On electronic payments “The commitment to low amounts has a great impact on traders, we are awaiting the outcome of the dialogue with the European Union”

“60 euro threshold on POS? Could it be lower” – “The year in which there was less tax evasion was 2010 – Meloni recalled – and the cash ceiling was 5 thousand euros. The higher the cash ceiling, the less he favored evasion.” The premier also spoke about the issue of electronic payments. “We were told ‘You want to prevent us from paying with POS and you want to encourage evasion'”. The government is evaluating the possibility of not obligating merchants to accept electronic payments for small amounts. The €60 threshold is indicative, it can be lower. There is an ongoing dialogue with the EU and let’s see how It will end. But sticking to such low amounts takes a heavy toll on traders.”

“Between getting income and stealing, there is the option of working.” – Then Giorgia Meloni took up the issue of citizen’s income. “I want to help people get out of poverty with work: work takes you everywhere, basic income keeps you where you are, there is no escape – he explained -. Between receiving income and stealing the option to go to work, maybe you should consider it – he added, commenting on a video For a woman complaining of an income crisis -. The more income you get, the poorer you become and the harder it is for you to work. I want to give dignity to work. To people who don’t deserve to be kept. I don’t want people to be forced to vote for me, I want to build freedom.”

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“We will defend strategic Italian companies” – Regarding the action related to the Isab-Lukoil refinery in Sicily, the Prime Minister stressed that the government “will return to the defense of strategic Italian companies”. The refinery “guarantees the survival and continuity of production for Priolo, a company of 10,000 workers. It will continue production thanks to government support and 10,000 people will continue to work.” “A strategic issue like oil could end up in the cauldron of sanctions against Russia. We will continue to defend Ukraine, but we will not pass the costs on to the citizens. All this is an additional reason for our belief that it is necessary to secure this company,” he said.