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The latest trend is between RUSSIAN FROST and MITE ANTICYCLONE.  All Latest News «3B Meteo

The latest trend is between RUSSIAN FROST and MITE ANTICYCLONE. All Latest News «3B Meteo

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The occult New Year between the mild anticyclone and the Russian cold – After the expected rain between Christmas and Boxing Days, the Atlantic Sock in practice in Central and Western Europe will bring a New phase of bad weather Much of the peninsula December 27 to 28 For a reason mental stress Very deep and along Strong wind The hurricane cycle moves from west to east. Rain, showers and thundershowers All areas will be slightly affected, especially the western slopes but the climate will be very temperate, especially in the central south. The temperature is expected to drop This guarantees plenty compared to previous days Snowfall On the Alps in the middle elevation.

After the transport of this low pressure vortex, a new phase opens, which is characterized by an improvement. Great resistance Subtropical toward Midwestern Europe. There are basically two hypotheses, First, one of the most recognizable at this time shows an anticyclone being pushed towards the Mediterranean with well-protected Italy. So the environment will be stable and light as the sun prevails but the fog turns to the north.

A The second hypothesis, At the moment of failure compared to the first moment, sees the subtropical anticyclone being pushed more towards the UK. Cold air of Russian-Scandinavian descent It will move towards Central and Southern Europe. With the cold matrix volatile, Italy is likely to experience a sharp decline and return in temperature. Snow to low altitude.

But as this second hypothesis states, the probability of it being realized is very low. A definite trend in the course of the next updates. Always follow us

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