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The latest physical change leaves you speechless


Andreas Müller has posted several shots on social media, and one in particular has caught the attention of fans. The dancer showed herself without tattoos, so why did he decide to hide them all?

Life of the Andreas It was completely turned upside down by the arrival of Jennifer and PenelopeTwins are the fruit of love that is born with. Veronica PipariniThe two met at Amici High School and after becoming student and teacher, they realized that they loved each other deeply. Despite the age difference, the two have shown strong feelings over the years. A native.

Andreas after winning friendsalso participated for a few years as a professional. However, recently, he and Veronica are no longer part of the program. Life as parents has completely overwhelmed them, the little ones were born a few months ago and it is time Organizations And new routines. Passion for Dance Yet it still flows through the veins of both of us.

Andreas Müller removes all his tattoos: The photo that went viral on social media shocked fans

Andreas and Veronica They immediately chose to show the little ones to their fans. Penelope and Ginevra appear often and willingly in different profiles, making them a compulsion. attention From users. In recent days the dancer has published projects and Big events. And of course, in order to continue his work, he had to stay away from the little ones. Andreas posted a few days ago in Sardiniaone of the most beautiful islands. The dancer was there to participate in a fashion event. Dolce & Gabbana, But what was he supposed to do?

From Andreas Müller’s social profile, photo without tattoos

Andreas A showed It changes The physique that left everyone speechless. His body Without tattoo, Maybe the dancer hid them with makeup. Could it be a request for any particular choreography? It wouldn’t be the first time a dancer has found himself forced to do some work. Physical transformations, This is respect for professional choices. But Andreas will never come back. friendsFor many years he was loved by the viewers, but with his partner he chose to take a break from the show. How much does this new life as a father affect his dynamics? Andreas is very young but he has always proven that Great independence And the desire to plan. In his dreams there was a desire to build a family and thanks to love VeronicaToday, this was possible. The couple is very popular and followed on social media. They share with their daughters many moments related to their days. There are those who do not appreciate this constant sharing, especially the little girls. In any case, the decision is up to the parents. The only ones who will always be able to express their thoughts and observations about their children, this alone and exclusively. For their own good.

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