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The last shocking message from Albano’s daughter: The singer is upset

The singer from Salento Albano, after watching the last post of his beautiful daughter Jasmine, became speechless. Here are the details of the story.

Yasmine Carisi is the beautiful daughter of Pano Carisi, showgirl and companion to Loredana Lecceso. From a small house she quickly transformed into a glorious woman with breathtaking curves and blue eyes. The young woman always appears herself in the foreground on her social pages: with each shot she makes millions of followers dream while waiting for her latest sensual photo.

He definitely stole the art of seduction from his mother Loredana Lecciso, who seems to have a very special relationship with him. Lecciso will surely help Jasmine nurture her public image, while Al Bano will take care of developing her singing talent.

In fact, this summer, father and daughter distributed a song together clementineThis is the cover of Marcella Bella titled Absolutely no one. This was just the beginning of what appears to be a promising career for the young woman thanks to the support of her beloved parents.

Jasmine Karisi’s hot post

Yasmine KarisiHe used his own social channels, to release a controversial message, this left his mother Loredana and his father speechless bano. In the photo posted on her social media, a brand new Yasmine Karisi appears: Hot curves are displayed, while the sexy look of the lens winks.

The comment confuses followers and says: Angel energy, or angelic energy. Little Carrisi shows her new side, a beautiful blend of subtlety and seduction that elicits a series of very positive comments, including those of her mother. Lecciso left her three beautiful hearts witnessing the love of her daughter but at the same time, Jasmine receives a torrent of likes even from people unknown to her.

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Here are some of the most beautiful comments: Another user writes, “Wow, great, great, Jasmine Al-Najmi.” “The most beautiful ???????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????? Those who criticize you are only envious… I always follow you ❤️ ”, adds another. And away waving: “But how beautiful is your love? “,” Pretty like my mother “,” So beautiful “,” The most beautiful, sweetest of all “,” Pretty.. as always.. “,” Charming, beautiful breasts and a wonderful sweet belly. Sensual and adorable tender”, “Angel Within, Angel Outside.” We stop here, but the list could go on for hours.

In short, despite her young age, Jasmine Karisi managed to attract a lot of attention to her.