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The Last of Us series, review: Endgame

The Last of Us series, review: Endgame

It’s cold outside when he arrives The last of us. The series is created by Craig Mazin And Neil DruckmannComes in the winter when the year begins and hopes freeze. Joel Once again, he is ready to accompany an orphan girl named Eli Along the United States, to earn twice the agreed burden. But the journey is long and treacherous, perhaps when they return there will be nothing left of them.

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We can hear what you’re thinking: “End of the game, I don’t like this sentence in the title.” We can understand your concerns, if you are among those who loved, lived and completed the first part of the video game monolith through obedient dogThis seems to you to be an unacceptable provocation. And you’re right: available from Jan 16th exclusively on sky and just flow on right Nowcompletely simultaneously with the United States where it is being broadcast HBO extension, is a challenge between entertainment channels, TV series and video games, two mediums that often compete with each other for the title of our best hobby. And now one thing is important, at the end of this feud, at the end of the game, who will emerge victorious?

The Last of Us series

The last of us: latest games

before watching a series The last of usYou have had the opportunity to read a whole series of endless news, also well-designed to be more provocative: This is A series that will surprise the audiencethe showrunners guarantee that they will open their minds and introduce new ones Unprecedented insights into the charactersBoth main and secondary protagonists.

Plot, settings, music and even bits of dialogue, reflecting much of the popular video game title. In fact, there are details that, at the beginning of the series, it would be impossible not to notice and it is correct to emphasize: in the original game, the events begin in 2013 and then continue in the year 2033. In the series, however, the writers wanted to “play” with current events and you will find this coincidence Alien, “infection” began in 2003 and has evolved into a kind of apocalypse 2023.

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We can guarantee you that Nine episodes, each about an hour long-If you have played this action-adventure from 2013 posted by Sony Interactive EntertainmentYou’ll find situations that work for you, and you’ll feel overwhelmed, sad, and excited again, with the little consolation that this time it won’t be you pressing keys that suddenly become stiff. On the other hand, if this is your first time following Joel and Ellie on their journey, you are pardoned from the responsibility, but nevertheless you will experience a valuable story that stands out in the panorama of the genre, as for example the walking Dead. The job must be recognized for creators and director All loyal to the original workwith some changes that do not affect the final result, including a lot of talk about the news Germs.

The Last of Us series
The Last of Us series

This was a key element of the game, since the presence of spores determined exact positions on a level Play Thus in the continuation of the story. But its deficiency was replaced by another fungus infection system Ophiocordyceps, which, without revealing too much, in terms of presenting the narration as well as the graphics, is both credible and effective. Other content that is different from the video game and which is also different from the latest mod, are additions to the general story. They find space in the chain full episodes Dedicated to ideas that deserve to come out and give a depth that allows them to compete with the plot of the game. It could really be hard to do better with a narrative that has won so many awards and accolades, including game of the year At GOTY 2013, “Best Game” at the BAFTA Game Awards and DICE Awards, as well as the title collectively recognized by fans and critics as “Masterpiece of an entire console generation”. So how do you answer the question you are all thinking about? Did the series finally defeat the game?

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Resistance and survival

This question can be answered in the negative. Although the series adds some important parts of the story, such as Bill’s past and the Ellie’s birth A fan who comes from the gaming world is likely to find it difficult to survive these “quiet” beats, which reward the secondary characters above all else, while he may find it difficult to relate, as he was able to relate to the game to the main cast, Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramseyespecially the last.

What makes young Ellie the most in a video game? Excessive use of profanity, highlighted by attitudes decidedly more mature than his age? Also, all the details are beautifully executed in Ramsey’s believable performance. But what stood out in that fourteen-year-old who loved jokes and knives was above all stare. The look that Ramsay fails to match, the look that in that pixelated character is more exciting, intense, clear, always hovering between tears of anger, joy and sadness. Two eyes can do without a mouth. While Pascal asserts himself as an almost perfect Joel on an actor’s level, who holds Sarah or Ellie in his arms, Ramsay can assert himself in the eyes of fans as a character far beyond their expectations.

While we play with our emotions like joysticks in the hands of writers, the series doesn’t outshine its namesake competitor. He cannot do it, for many reasons whose main reason we will summarize in a few words: Explanation. In addition to Ellie’s interpretation, it must be borne in mind that the viewer will not be able to experience in the first person, as the player experienced, movements, actions, fights, riding a horse and feeding a giraffe. Likewise, the player will never be able to adequately appreciate the details all at once, quietly enjoying a series of sequences that he wasn’t quite the one to literally get his hands on. In short, the two mediums complement each other in their ruthless competition.

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This first season event can be found as a complement to the game and the game as a complement to the show. It does not replace the original story nor the characters or the rest of the lore, at most it incorporates something more. Perhaps this is not the essence of morality the last of us? Whenever there is a disagreement between the two sides, they both have noble motives and wrong motives. There is always on one side, who knows how deep and who knows what kind of motives drive humans to take care of a little girl after they lose their own. There are people willing to do anything for her, even kill people and leave the entire human race to an inevitable fate. Can we swear to you that the series is worth watching then? We swear.