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The largest US military exercises in the last 25 years will begin in Estonia

The largest US military exercises in the last 25 years will begin in Estonia


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Defender Europe’s prelude Swift Response exercises, the largest US military maneuver in Europe in 25 years, will begin tonight in Estonia, according to the press office of the Estonian Defense Forces Headquarters.

Swift Response exercises are actually the prelude to Defender Europe, Europe’s largest U.S. military maneuver over the past 25 years, with 28,000 soldiers in 16 European countries.

“Direct firing from several reactionary fire brigades of the U.S. Army’s 41st Artillery will be carried out in the Central Security Forces series on Wednesday evening. Five missiles will fire more than ten rockets. These artillery units are specifically designed to strike.

The Estonian military says soldiers of the 82nd U.S. Air Force will land at the airport in Normsi, Jarva County, on May 7. Heavy gear and equipment will also be parachuted. Most paramedics come to Estonia directly from the United States from their base in North Carolina. The landing will take place at night in a tactical situation as real as possible.

On the night of May 8, U.S. troops will fly from Norms to the shooting range by helicopter.

In Swift Response exercises, maneuvers are implemented to protect Estonia in the event of a crisis. About 2,500 soldiers, more than 20 aircraft and 25 helicopters from the Estonian, US and UK security forces will take part in the exercise.

The maneuvers will end on May 14.

Su-27 fighters from the Baltic Navy earlier in April They carried on Maneuvers to protect the Russian border and strategically important military structures from missile attack.

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