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Temptation Island, Pietro delle Piane rompe il silenzio dopo la denuncia di Mediaset

The Island of Seduction, Pietro Daily Bian breaks the silence after the Mediaset report

Antonella Elijah’s ex-boyfriend in an interview with SuperGuida Tv.

About a month and a half ago, remarks Pietro Delle Piane on Live – Not D’Urso who announced in a live broadcast with the Canale 5 talk show that he played a role in the eighth edition of Temptation Island, Docu reality for husbands who shared it Antonella Elia.

The statements of the Calabrian representative sparked a fact Storm It provokes reactions from several sides: Dorsu At first she broke up, then later, there was one Warning by Mediaset And harsh criticism from several quarters, including Commander Filippo Bisiglia.

Interviewed by SuperGuida Tv, Pietro Daily Bian Back to the problem with new data:

“I said I played a role but then I didn’t get the opportunity to explain what I meant well. My statement wasn’t an accusation leveled at the show either because no one asked me to play a script or play a role.” – Pietro told SuperGuida Tv – I didn’t say anything about this. She played the show to make Antonella jealous. She and I participated in “Temptation Island Vip” as a couple in love. Then the dynamics that led us to divide us were unleashed. “

“This was the first time I had been participating in a reality show and I wasn’t used to the dynamics of television, and I found myself broken. All I said was things already known as Antonella that I talked about when she was a rival inside the Big Brother Vip house I am referring above all to the matter of few Children. I sinned because I did not settle. “

Ex-boyfriend Antonella Elia Yet another I hosted on Live Non è la d’Urso no longer talks to anyone on Mediaset.

“Have you heard from Barbara? No, I haven’t heard from anyone anymore. I am also very sorry that I have to thank Barbara who in this year and a half invited me to her shows giving me the opportunity, for better or worse, to become a TV personality. As an actor, it was a year complicated by a lack of work. In addition to Barbara, I would also like to thank Maria De Filippi and Mediaset who wanted you and Antonella to be on “Temptation Island Vip.” .