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The irresponsible defense of the accused Davico: Grow Matterella.  "He thanked me at the lodge in Hungary"

The irresponsible defense of the accused Davico: Grow Matterella. “He thanked me at the lodge in Hungary”

He questions President Sergio Muttarella. To further defend himself from the charges, he incites his boss, Francesco Saverio Borelli, during the Mani Pulitzer Pool. To better understand Pierremilo Davico’s defensive course – after ordering the day before yesterday for the indictment – he is preparing to face trial for revealing professional secrecy on April 20, the most interesting reading of the investigation report given before July 7. Attorney for Presia. Twenty-six pages, in which Davico defends himself by attacking left and right: ex-friends, ex-colleagues. CSM Vice President David Ermini called him a liar. And claim to have acted only for a good purpose.

Borelli did too

On allegations that Milan sent secret minutes of the prosecutor’s office to CSM members, Davico responds: “The secret of the investigation is that the High Council (…) cannot object to the particular precedent I set for Milan. Said.

Thanks from Materella

After reading that two members of the CSM were part of a lodge in Hungary, Daviko claims to have informed Guernall. “I thought it was important to immediately inform the CSM’s Vice President (David Ermini, et al.) And through him the President of the CSM to the President of the CSM. .) He went directly to the Guerrero, and on his return told me that the Republic thanked me for the information provided and that the information was deemed sufficient, and that Maderella always denied knowing any news of the Milanese interrogation.

Ermini Mende

David Ermini said in the minutes that the Milanese minutes were instantly ruined. “Only in the following days – Davigo answers – I gave those files to Ermini, and I told him because he asked me about situations I probably do not remember: Listen, I do not remember all of these names, so I do. If I give a copy of the file first. So I give it later. He could not have destroyed anything immediately.

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Cassini and Amara

Davigo explains that he talked about the Hungarian Lodge with Giuseppe Cascini, a member of the CSM on the left. I told him because he had been taking care of Amara for a long time (…) He told me: Amara does not say everything but she is very smart, but gets caught saying untrue things. So everything he said may be true. “Increased my concern about what emerged from those statements.”

Against the Milan Attorney’s Office

Davico justifies himself by bringing to the CSM minutes about the inaction of his former colleagues: “The Milan Attorney’s Office has done nothing (…) I always give a public prosecutor a thousand miles away. Should not be brought home, and under no circumstances should he steal evidence from the judge or the defendant. Will show. “But how does it come to you?”

CSM needs to know

This is the main theme of Daviko’s defense. “If a Masonic lodge decides on the appointments of hundreds of Italian magistrates, will it be a problem for the Council or not?”

“They are not verbal”

Davico, who was accused of sending minutes to some members of the CSM, replied: “They were not verbal in the literal sense. They did not add anything and did not take anything from what I said verbally. They were a guide to memory (…). I do not dream of reporting against myself. But what are we talking about? “