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The Immortal Diablo, the Fixer: A New Encounter with Alpha Tech

The Immortal Diablo, the Fixer: A New Encounter with Alpha Tech

We are back to play Alpha Tech, Crusader Test and challenge ourselves with endgame content

to The Immortal Diablo We told you about it a few months ago during my first alpha tech, and even earlier, while testing live from Blizzcon. Either way, the last suggestion was to put aside the gritty emotions generated by the brand’s arrival on mobile and give this new iteration of Word Hackers an opportunity at least, in short, a way to be able to show every large group of fans that it wasn’t the classic mobile game it was. A true mass production, ready to make their mark.

So, returning for the third time to the sanctuary in a portable version can only be that categorical confirmation of what was said in the past, with the addition of some details to revive the fire, from the return of the Crusader to the protection of plant varieties, it has been passed silently in recent months, but it will be one of the contents Leading at launch. However, we also have to admit that playing with the knowledge that we have to lose everything for the umpteenth time was a bit of a curb on our initial momentum, an element that over time turned into food for thought in our view rather than interesting. Let’s see why together.

A new class in your hands

Unlike the last test, where we mainly used barbarian, the The Crusader The ruling class for this technology was alpha. The Crusader was our pick as the main character in Diablo III as well, but very few levels were enough to notice the hero’s complete deformation.

From the irreparable statue tank to the exaggerated damage machine, with excellent mobility thanks to the new horse and the ability to create AoE capabilities in practically every visual play area. And as if that were not enough, the constant damage, blindness, and effects of confusion arrive, and there is no shortage of stun and shock to the control of three hundred and sixty degrees over the enemy’s hordes. Also due to Difficulty level Calibration down, perhaps the only negative component of the entire test, we had no problems making our way between the new game areas and their bosses, which makes us hope for a natural increase in difficulty in the near future without having to wait for ‘hell’ levels where things should get more interesting at least.

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The customization in the game is awesome!

The new alpha has also increased from Level ceiling up to level 55, We will only stop five levels before the fateful sixty that we will then have in the full game. Here, unfortunately, the strong feeling of lost time, given that if it is true that the game system is working and fun, then it is the taste of continuous growth and improvement of the character that we have seen failed, and we realize that from here we have the progress will soon be eliminated with a squeeze of the sponge. Despite that horrible feeling, wanting to go back to the servers every now and then and make us on a special level, a quarrel with bosses or some daily activities there has always been in the last week, a signal that can only be turned on by a light bulb when you have to talk. Relying on the game system, it might be a strong and somewhat exaggerated word, but it is able to illustrate just how greedy the activities must be repeated over and over again: first for experience points and then for the sake of searching for the mythical ones that we cannot do without in our build.

To add some spice, Blizzard has considered introducing it Two whole new regions, Steppes and icy tundra with lots of new dungeons and final bosses, and settings as always very well and sufficient to bring the necessary variety to wander from classic dungeons full of living dead and graves of sorts.

End game activities as if it was raining

Barbarian is always irritated
Barbarian is always irritated

Blizzard has also decided to introduce the PvP, Absent in Diablo III but revived on Immortal to be something more than a duel between contenders. Thus players will be able to take sides in two opposing factions: Immortals, O shadows And a duel over the sound of strikes and spells in a kind of constant and continuous battle over the servant of belonging. The Immortals were created to protect the Sanctuary from Hell, but Shadows were also created to maintain balance, in order to constantly test the Immortals and make sure that there were no undeserving guards for long, in a cycle. I still see winners and losers constantly switching roles throughout the seasons. The rewards are numerous and specific, especially for immortals who will be able to stay that way and sit at the top of the ranks, even being able to look forward to having a custom statue within the servant in case you are elected as the leader of the Immortals.

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The hope is that Immortal doesn't fall into a pay-to-win trap
The hope is that Immortal doesn’t fall into a pay-to-win trap

Immortals will also have access to prison cell Limit to complete: You will be able to co-operate with 47 other players in a raid where you can defeat four different bosses, and are able to consolidate power once one of the “brothers” receives a fatal blow. At this point, coordination and cooperation with other players becomes very important, in an effort to take down the four opponents in unison, similar to what happened with the Ahn’Qiraj Bug Trio in World of Warcraft. On the other hand, The Shadows will be able to test Immortals by trying to steal their rewards by carrying out real raids on and grabbing treasure chests. In the event that PvP is not enough, you will forgive us if some of the mechanisms so far are still a bit vague but the time available in the initial version is very tight to actively participate in these events, there are new dungeons where you can test, maybe challenge new bosses or with unique abilities, With virtually unlimited potential to expand challenges.

the new prison cell It’s called Helliquary and according to Blizzard, its face would be a real Hell, which requires preparation above average. Inside the new version, a new boss will be waiting for you every month, and with his defeat, you can get unique rewards and items that cannot be won any other way, definitely a worthy challenge for those who want to squeeze out the most immortal Diablo.

What appeared in Diablo Immortal’s last days is truly incredible. If we collect all the content that arrived with this alpha and compare it with Diablo III, then the third chapter comes out with broken bones. PvP really looks like a bombshell and remains an optional choice in case it isn’t interesting but with each passing month the PvE activities just keep expanding and improving. Skepticism remains in the category scales, right now in favor of the Devil Hunter for example and there are still details about all of the Season Pass content that we sincerely hope will not move the title bar towards a pay-to-win, a risk that could be particularly palpable at the time of writing. . We will be keeping you updated on the latest news of this release in the coming weeks so please keep following us because there are still a lot of things hidden in the bowels of the Sanctuary.

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  • The new version of Crusader is great to play
  • PvP looks gigantic
  • Tons of new endgame activities


  • Will they be able to balance everything?
  • The pay-to-win ghost is always around the corner