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The image of the asteroid in space terrified many people, and this is why


Although the image shows the asteroid Ryugu from a very close distance in surprising detail, many people could not help but notice the “worrying” details. Let’s find out together in the article what it is.

But what are asteroids? Let’s start by giving some information about these objects in the solar system. So, An asteroid is a rocky body Which is believed to consist mostly of Clay, silicate rocks, iron and nickel. However, some of them may also possess a certain amount of… carbon Oh Dee Metal. Asteroids They are among the oldest objects in our solar system It is usually dark in colour. They are very similar to the planets in chemical composition and differ from them above all in terms Irregular shape: It is actually too small to reach a spherical shape.

Asteroid Ryugu and black background

It was shared on the Curiosity X page Ultra-clear image of the asteroid All the comments seem to say the same thing. In fact, although the gorgeous image shows the asteroid up close and reveals crystal-clear detail, people were focused on something else: Disturbing darkness in the background. Now, we all know that space is a very dark and terrifying place, but after seeing the image, many users said they felt “uncomfortable.” Some comments confirm this “feeling”: “Black is more interesting than rocks… it is an eternal and endless darkness.”, “Space is cold, dark, empty. But this picture is amazing.”. What seems strange is that we are not used to seeing the sky so black and devoid of stars. In short, the photo was a huge success, but probably not as scientists expected!

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Asteroid Ryugu
The clearest photo ever taken From the asteroid Ryugu. Source: NASA/JAXA

Potentially dangerous asteroids

Ryugu is an asteroid classified as… Potentially dangerous Due to its proximity to Earth, it is also at the same time very important. NASA classifies it as a Cb asteroid: It has a dark surface and is about 1 km in diameter. It is believed that they are made of materials Rich in water and carbon, important basic elements relevant to life on Earth. The Ryugu study and carbon samples will provide important information About the origin and evolution of the solar system, especially the inner planets.



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