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The husband leaves her for his best friend, the woman (who was in financial trouble) wins the lottery. And he called her again

Colombian woman Abandoned by her husband, who treated her best friend. But Karma rewarded her: as the woman was about to lose her home, she played the national lottery of Colombia and He won the double jackpot.

The unknown player from Barranquilla won 268,000 Colombian pesos My lottery ticket solved his financial problems. In the midst of the festivities, the woman received a “particularly strange” call from her ex-partner. The man decided to congratulate her on her victoryto. But the woman did not use very kind words towards him, according to Colombian news channels.

The last hope?

The woman was about to lose her home When he decides to buy “Supergiros” lottery tickets to try and get the double jackpot (which is almost impossible). However, he got the winning lottery ticket 8628.

While his name was not published by the local broadcaster Zone Zero He said the woman was a seamstress and was about to lose her house because she couldn’t pay the mortgage. Her daughter was not able to enroll in the last semester of the university due to lack of money.

As a last resort, the woman bought the ticket on January 17: the year her husband left her for his best friend and the moment she entered in financial difficulty.

woman He was trembling When it was discovered that he had won a huge amount of money, one of the biggest jackpots he had ever won in the South American country – Where the average monthly salary is 800 pesos.

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