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The house of the future is smaller and enriched with new services


Not just the physical place where you can find an exclusive “shelter”. More and more reliable “platform” for obtaining useful services to manage daily life, save leisure time, support social relations, facilitate family management.

The house of the future is no longer a space, but a service. A new dimension distinguishes shapes more and more in big cities like Milan luxury. luxury And the short term rentalHowever, it is expected that it will also become prevalent on long-term leased or owned real estate assets, particularly in the face of a growing aging population.


More than furnishings

“The new luxury is the vitality of the house not only in the spaciousness and beauty of the spaces and furnishings, but above all in the range of services that it manages – confirms Rocco Ruggia, CEO of the Roseto Group, specializing in the final rental sector and which, a few weeks ago in Milan, expanded the range Presented with five new residences in the City Life neighborhood under the brand Roseto Prestige – amenities, which put our client in a situation similar to that which he might find in a hotel. but also to define models that go beyond the communal gym or laundry, now available in many new buildings, and are moving towards my choice More and more strange. For example, in some of our projects we have opened wine tasting clubs. ”

But, in other cases, the proposal also relates to medical or nursing assistance; to entertain children; For personal care or logistics. If at the moment we are talking about a reality that is the prerogative of high-end housing, for clients with a portfolio, the situation is destined to develop very quickly.

Living in the app

“In perspective, the house will be transformed into a platform for the provision of physical and digital services for living – says architect Joseph de Pasquale, who since 2015 has been researching housing behaviors emerging in urban contexts, as a precursor to the development of new neighbourhoods, such as Chorus Life in Bergamo –. The house will be It is a large application, and an ecosystem of services that integrate the living experience and are located on three levels, one more intimate and connected to the private area and real estate unit.The second, on the scale of the building, which will include co-working or hospitality areas, where you can work at home without staying at home or Being able to welcome friends, without actually welcoming them.The third, which is about facility Neighborhood. The condominiums of the “common space” will turn into a place of sharing, that is, to live together ».

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