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The history of preppy style from its origins to new men's fashion trends

The history of preppy style from its origins to new men’s fashion trends

The Fashion shows and collections They speak clearly and Men’s fashion trends They have enshrined it as one of the contemporary trends. But what is it and where does it come from? We have cards with the months of the year written on it? To explain preppy fashion, you have to go back in time and arrive in 1950s America. In the middle of the twentieth century, American men had to convey a stereotype of the ideal, wealthy, well-dressed, impeccable man, aligned with a consumer society in which nomenclature and good taste go hand in hand. The men wore pastel-coloured shirts, ties, bow ties, smart-cut trousers, pullovers or V-neck sweaters, tailored jackets, and elegantly cut outerwear. Everything in the upper class coexists in perfect balance and harmony and even children of the American upper and middle class end up falling into this male stereotype of the “perfect man”. The word preppy has the same patina as the 1950s. derived from Middle school Private pre-university preparation schools in the Northeast, specifically belonging to the elite Ivy League, attended by typical students whose first goal was to pass the entrance exam (abbreviated Prep-School). So the word “preppy” was born as a term to define this subculture or subculture that described boys who were forced to wear split school. In a broader sense, the preparatory subculture is not just fashion and etiquette, but also a special attitude and a well-organized vocabulary that reflects the upbringing of the upper class.

clothing brands J. Press And the Brooks brothers It was inspired by the campuses of Ivy League schools, including Harvard, Princeton, Columbia, and Yale and Prepy’s style itself is inspired by the leisure activities of these privileged youth, typically practiced by the upper middle class in the United Kingdom and the United States. North Eastern United. sports activities Which always refers to the world of the elite of the upper class, we talk about sports such as: tennis, polo, sailing, fencing, rowing, lacrosse, golf, rugby, squash and swimming. This is the reason why boys wear sportswear associated with these activities. Their wardrobe is designed with gold button-down jackets, shirts worn with sweaters or jackets preferably with braid and a V-neck, or a pullover with rhombic rhombus motifs or bearing the coat of arms or the name of their university. They also wore American crinoline and school uniforms, oxford shirts, the inevitable polo and rugby shirts, and elegantly cut pants worn with boat shoes, moccasins, or deerskin derbies. All this is mainly combined with pastel shades and combined with bow ties, bow ties, wristwatches and gold chains.

there preppy fashion It then emerged as a casual, youthful interpretation of Ivy League style and in the 1980s mass marketing gave birth to brands like Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Daniel Crémieux And the Izod Which revived the Ivy and preppy style, making them mainstream again.

In the 1990s, interest in style gradually waned, both for the train left by the golden age of the previous decade, and for the anti-fashion trend associated with the backlash movement of Japanese designers who proposed deconstructs and dark colors. But there is still a leftover from the preppy that made brands like J Crowe, Tommy Hilfiger, Vineyard Vines, Gantt and Elizabeth McKay Until the 2000s with Tom Brown, Paul Smith And the Marc Jacobs.

Today, the prep style deviation is more free, streamlined, and less time-controlled, but continues to use the same matrix of language and maintain inspiration for American school uniforms through jackets, jackets, ties, patches, and badges. Their own college and the triumph of pastel colors. From Louis Vuitton, Casablanca until you get Golf Le Fleurthe trademark of Tyler The Creator, Versace, Kenzo, Miu Miu And the Jil Sander.

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