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The helicopter on Mars is sending us beautiful colorful pictures

The helicopter on Mars is sending us beautiful colorful pictures

The ingenuity chopper has She recently made her ninth trip to Mars And ‘celebrate’ the event Send to our planet new photos As you fly over the rocky landscape of the red planet, this time it’s colorful.

The small plane made its last flight on Monday, shredding all “flight duration and cruising speed records,” according to a July 7 blog update written by Ingenuity Flight Director Havard Gripp. The helicopter also “nearly quadrupled the distance traveled between two airfields”, covering 625 meters of badlands.

During the ninth flight, the plane took a series of unusual photos, A truly incredible landscape and the effects left by NASA’s Perseverance vehicle. Grip himself told The Verge:This was a big leap – a really big leap – in terms of what we’ve done before“.

In fact the last, This was the first time that creativity did not fly above the ground pretty much flat. Thanks to the colorful pictures We can admire the amazing details of the red planet, which appearsOutcrops between major geological units on the floor of Jezero craterMoreover, in the Snaps (which you will find at the bottom of the news) you can also watch fractional system نظام Which the perseverance team calls “Higher Ridges,” the experts’ next target.

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