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The heavily loaded Barcelona track, on paper is favorable for Ferrari.  A hack is needed - OA Sport

The heavily loaded Barcelona track, on paper is favorable for Ferrari. A hack is needed – OA Sport

The wait can’t be lost in light of the next round of the 2022 F1 World Championship. on the trail Barcelona, ​​Spain) The four-wheeled circus will return to the scene, after the trip to Miami (USA), and in the eyes of all of us we have a victory Max Verstappen On Red Bull to race two Ferraris from Monaco Charles Leclerc and some spanish Carlos Sainz. Therefore, the Dutchman repeated the success of Imola and brought the number of victories to three in the first five contested races. At the end of the show, Max won whenever he could finish his races.

An obvious alarm bell at Maranello and change is needed. Statements at the end of the race in Florida by the team principal Mattia Binotto Leave no room for interpretation:For the Spanish GP we will be giving a fundamental update to our car, hopefully everything will work outYes, because from the point of view of developments, the approach of the two big opponents in this championship has been completely different: Milton Keynes have made updates since the second round of testing in Bahrain; Ferrari is the car seen on the first winter outing in Barcelona and the search for improvement has been sought without specific updates.

Here in Catalonia, Red is called upon to answer and to make a difference on the track that on paper must fit the characteristics of F1-75. A pony car, capable of generating a lot of downforce, can make a difference in corneringespecially in the slower segment of the circuit where races are often decided.

F1, Ferrari aims to lose car weight in Barcelona

We are talking about a medium/high load circuit with three different segments. The starting line is more than 700 meters from the point of braking before dealing with an average speed. Next, drivers have to deal with Turn 3, a little uphill, and quite long with a variable radius where it is very important to take care of the overturning that might occur at the exit. A short straight track leads to the fourth turn, Repsol where the riders reach around 290 km/h and enter the corner in third gear, at 130 km/h. It then continues down the slow incline 5 (the seat), left, and 6, which is covered at full acceleration instead, finding itself at one of the track’s key points: quick change of direction left-right, open from hairpin turn Uphill at Wurth and Campsa. The latter leads to the rectum where the movable wing can be used. The straight leads into Caixa and the set of corners 11 and 12, medium speed from left to right. The final part consists of Turn 13, a fast right, and a slow left-to-right turn that leads into the New Holland Curve, right, putting the cars on the starting line straight.

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So Ferrari should also be preferred for outgoing traction, but pay attention to Red Bull who has shown, especially in racing, that they know how to make better use of tires in some situations. We will find out how the updates announced by Binotto will be able to offer benefits on a track especially known to all, being the one that has been used for winter testing for several years now.

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