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The "group of friends" between princes and Europeans in the shadow of Soros

The “group of friends” between princes and Europeans in the shadow of Soros

Figures of the Italian left who ended up behind bars at Qatargate and those who were not under investigation, but were affected by the investigation for associates who ended up under the scrutiny of investigators, are linked by a common thread: largely “reliable allies” George Soros and all immigrants and pro-NGOs. However, Qatar also formed a “friendship group” of 13 MEPs who were not involved in the investigation. Since yesterday, the centrist Spanish President Jose Ramón Bauza has suspended the movement and its activity.

Antonio Panziri, the fulcrum of the investigation, is described in a filing for Open Society as a “trusted ally” of controversial billionaire George Soros. It is no coincidence that Panziri has always defended NGOs at sea with the sword. Andrea Cozzolino also appeared on the list of allies of Soros, whom he swore he was not involved in anything, but in the investigative documents there is an email allegedly from him asking, unsuccessfully, the European Socialist Community not to vote on the resolution. against Qatar. Cozzolino’s adviser was Francesco Giorgi, one of those arrested, who apparently spilled coffee beans. Not to mention the two common NGOs that share offices. No Peace Without Justice was founded by Emma Bonino, a stranger to investigation, but very close to Soros.

The office of Federica Garbagnati, former collaborator of Panzeri, now associate of Alessandra Moretti, has been sealed off by investigators. The MEP, which has not been investigated, has emerged as a corridor for migrants along the Balkan route. The plot of the often common counselors, and those involved in the investigation, touches even those who have nothing to do with the investigation such as Pietro Bartolo who passed from doctor to immigrants in Lampedusa in Strasbourg. And the same Brando Benifee, head of the Democratic Party delegation, who is rightly angry with left-wing figures in Qatargate. However, he also bragged about being on Soros’ list of “trusted allies”. On the same report was then-freshman Rep. Eli Schlain, now a candidate for the Democratic Party’s Secretariat. They have always been harsh with Qatar, but they never understood that there was something rotten in their parish.

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Doha plays its influence in all fields with the “Qatar-European Friendship Group”, which was suspended yesterday, and which includes 13 members of the European Parliament. One of the tasks is to “help the State of Qatar clarify and strengthen its priorities and political positions within the European Parliament and in other institutions, in particular the Commission and the Council.” It’s all in the sunlight and no one is involved in the investigation. However, Qatar hosted the world’s first official Taliban embassy and its services are suspected of aiding the worst jihadist groups such as the Islamic State.