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“The government is with the European football authorities.” The Ceferin (UEFA) attacks Agnellii. Chorus criticism


The football war has just begun and the UEFA asserts the toughness: outside the Premier League clubs but also its World Cup players and Europeans: they will not be able to wear the national jersey. “The legal response is ready,” says the league, which now includes 12 clubs, including Juventus, Inter and AC Milan. Meanwhile, from the European Union to the United Kingdom, there is a chorus of criticism of the initiative. Speech is too President Draghi: “The The government is alongside the Italian and European soccer authorities. The national competitions, merit and social function of the sport must be preserved».

Ceferin: I spit in the face of a football fan

“I think that the proposal of the Premier League is equivalent to spitting in the face of everyone who works in football, and who loves football,” said Alexander Ceferin, president of UEFA, after the meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee. “We are calling on everyone, the fans, the media, politicians and football governing bodies to join us in doing everything so that this plan does not become a reality.” We are still assessing the situation with the legal team. It’s still early, and the announcement came last night, and we still don’t have a solution but we will try to apply all possible penalties. Clear as soon as possible we will be forced to suspend everyone from our competitions ». He added, “The players who participate and play with the Premier League teams will not be able to play in the World Cup or in the European championships or in any match for the national team.”

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The attack on Agnelli

The attack directed by Cefarin on Agnelli, until yesterday as an executive member of UEFA, is difficult: “I’ve seen a lot in our life, and I’ve never seen people like this before. I’m not going to talk much about Agnelli, it’s one of the biggest disappointments, it’s the biggest disappointment.” “I’ve never seen someone who can lie like this over and over again. Really true. I spoke to him on a Saturday afternoon, and he said it was just a rumor, that there was nothing underneath it. He said he would call me then hang up. It is clear that greed is so powerful that it eliminates all true human values. ”


The European Commission is distancing itself from the process. “We must defend a European model of sport based on values, diversity and inclusion. There is no room for it to be devoted to the few rich and powerful clubs that want close ties with everything the federations represent: national leagues, ups and downs and support for popular amateur football », Vice President Margaritis Chinas commented on Twitter. “The European Union Commission defends Prof. A European sports model based on the principles of independence, openness and solidarity The interconnectedness of international federations. ”These characteristics“ relate ”to all levels of sport and“ must be preserved as part of the DNA of the European Union. ”A spokeswoman for the European Union Commission followed.“ We call on all parties to observe these principles when assessing the impact. Possible proposal, “stressing that on the basis of sports organizations there should be” clear, transparent and non-discriminatory rules. “

But the 12 participating clubs already have a legal answer to the Threat of the lawsuit For the damage made by UEFA. According to Le Parisien newspaper, the clubs would have sent a message to the president of the federation FIFA, Gianni Infantino, and UEFA, Alexander Ceferin, as he warned them that they had come «a file» Before the various courts, without specifying any of them or what content.

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Calcio / Superliga, the grain war for the big clubs

Boris Johnson raises his rhetoric, stressing not only fierce opposition to the British government, but also that he is ready to cooperate “with the football authorities. So that the project does not go ahead In the manner currently proposed. ” After the clear censorship expressed last night, the British Prime Minister returned today to talk about the new continental tournament, in which six English clubs will also participate, dismissing it as “Not good news for the fans”. “We will evaluate everything we can with the football authorities to ensure that this plan does not materialize,” the prime minister said.

Superlega, the Big Divide in Football: Here’s what could change

The Bayern Monaco and DortmundThe two German clubs on the European Club Association (ECA) board have spoken out against this plan. This was stated by Chief Executive Officer of Borussia Dortmund Hans Joachim Vatsky. “We met Sunday evening in a virtual conference on Sunday, and we affirmed the clubs’ readiness to support the planned reform of the Champions League, rejecting plans to form the Super League. “Both German clubs, representatives (Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund), expressed the same viewpoint.

Tri Club de Premier League, it Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham HotspurThey confirmed to the Daily Telegraph that they have left the European Club Association, the body that represents all clubs in UEFA. The exit from the European Club Association is a bold and important step in light of the creation of the European Premier League.

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Three other English clubs, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea, announced on Sunday evening their exit from the European Club Association, along with other European clubs that should join the new Premier League: Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Inter. Milan, AC Milan and Juventus, whose president Andrea Agnelli has abdicated the presidency.

Two French clubs

There will be “at least two French teams” every year in the European League. Written by L’Equipe, citing sources close to 12 founding ESL clubs. One hypothesis, as the French sports daily writes, is that arriving at Superlega is the Ligue 1 winning club, plus another.

“Someone does one Bad characterAt the very least, ”said Polish Football Federation president Zbigniew Bunyik on Twitter.

Superlega, Chorus No From Macron to Johnson: “Threat, Very Detrimental Project”

Superlega and Jp Morgan confirm their participation in the project as a lender

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