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Gold Cup, Cuba costretta a dare forfait. Gli USA non hanno concesso il visto alla Nazionale

The gold cup was forced to be confiscated by Cuba. The United States did not issue a visa to the national team

The challenge between Cuba and French Guiana is valid for the first day of the Gold Cup, as the Caribbean island national team could not fly to the United States and the challenge must have been played at Fort Lauderdale. The reason why French Guiana went to the next round, where they will face Trinidad and Tobago and win the table

Concoff says the reason Cuban athletes who traveled to Nicaragua missed the trip was linked to health reasons. In fact, Cuba may not have obtained the required visas because it does not comply with the COVID-19 protocol, but the restructuring of Cuban leaders is different. Minister of Foreign Affairs Bruno Rodriguez Barrilla On his Twitter profile, he wrote: “The US government cannot justify the delay in issuing visas to the Cuban team preparing to participate in the Gold Cup, for which a third country (Nicaragua et al.) Has applied in advance.

Sad on the part of the star as well O’Neill Hernandez, Who plays in Norwich, took to Twitter: “We trained for a whole month preparing for the Gold Cup. Concoff? “.