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The Games Awards 2022 will have at least 30 players in multiplayer


Only a few days until the broadcast of the program The Game Awards 2022 And now Geoff Keighley has decided to reveal some details of the offer. In an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on ​​Reddit, the TGAs host and creator revealed that during the event he will be there At least 30-40 games Viewers can expect a few CG ads and The gameplay sequences are plentiful.

The remarks come shortly after Keighley himself confirmed that this year’s The Game Awards will be shorter and feature fewer big games, though there will be highly anticipated productions. One of these is definitely Final Fantasy 16, given that during the show, producer Naoki Yoshida will make a “very special” announcement.

On Reddit Keighley said that during the event we will see at least 30-40 games that will feature new content. The total number of employees can actually be higher because there will also be a file A “reasonable number” of unreleased games, so it was not announced before. Which is in line with previous statements from the host who promised more than 50 matches at TGA 22 last month.

“I’m not sure, it’s always hard to know the exact numbers. We have probably 30 to 40 games that will be showing unreleased content during the show and also a fair number of new ads.”

Jeff Kelly

In another comment Keighley said on Reddit that he will be there Few CG trailers And gamers can generally expect a lot of gameplay sequences.

“I don’t think we’ll get that many CG trailers. There are a couple I remember, but overall there’s a lot of gameplay,” said Kelly.

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Finally, Keighley declared himself very optimistic about the new edition of The Game Awards and that it’s going to be a very interesting evening, as long as no leaks are made before the show.

“I’m really excited. I feel really good about this year. We’ll be back with thousands of fans, we have a very strong ad and content lineup and we’re doing a good show overall,” said Kelly. “So I’m really excited. If everything holds up and we can keep a few surprises a secret, it’s going to be a very interesting night! I haven’t had such a good feeling about the show in a while.”

We remind you that The Game Awards 2022 will be broadcast from 01:30 on Friday, December 9, 2022.


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