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The former Grillini is ready for the new opposition group

The former Grillini is ready for the new opposition group

The former number of the 5 star movement is on the rise. In September they are set to form a group in the chamber, the second opposition group in addition to the Italian brothers. I look forward to understanding what he wants to do Alessandro de Batista, The best leader for a party with the values ​​of the first Grillism, is hostile to the government Mario Draghi. There is an alternative component (Ac), according to what it learns, Is actually ready to welcome any other delegates, without being registered in any of the components in the mix now. Starting with the current 15 of the AC Andrea Colette e Pine goats, The threshold of 20 units (required for the constitution of a parliamentary committee) is within reach. Since the reopening of Montecitorio after the summer recess, seven delegates are ready to join, and there will be a law on the new plan, which is being drafted.

Names are kept secret, but some people’s identities are easy to reconstruct. Like the profiles of the previous 5 stars Rafael Radusi e Michael Sodano Alternative politics prevails. But it is also under the magnifying glass Simona Suriano, With a large patrol of former members of the movement, who ended up in the mix without any political “roof”. “Because this isolation in the mix, we will not be affected in the slightest or anything”, animates those who are willing to enter the alternative. Others, with greater skepticism, assess the situation.

The new group is born in September

Therefore, trying to grow this team will guarantee more resources and more robust structure. A stock owned only by delegates today Georgia Maloney. And for the M5S Giuseppe ConteIf trembling with internal tensions, it can be an additional headache. “90% of the group will be formed in September, exceeding the required 20 delegates”, confirms An internal source. 22 of those reported, at least initially. This number is likely to increase further in the coming weeks: new deviations are expected in the Pentecostal in August, with disagreement with the new line ordered by Conte. The approval of the judicial reform marks a turning point for many MPs.

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According to reports, at least five MEPs reflect on what to do. The possibility of joining a group that is already autonomous may trigger multiple malignancies. “This conflict is ongoing on political issues, but we have not entered into the dynamics of dealing with other groups out of a question of respect,” they reported from L’Alternativa, underscoring that the most advanced dialogue with the former comrades of the movement is now in the mix, which others will eventually see in the future.

Eyes on de Batista

The focus is on heavy names as well. Among them is a former deputy secretary of state for economics. Alessio VillarosaIt is not currently part of the competition. The relationship with Colette & Co is good, but not like embracing him – for now – because. The big blow will actually be De Batista, another reporter returning from the trip, who sometimes exchanges affectionate messages with Villarosa on social media.

Thiba has always said over and over again that he will let her know what his intentions are in September. Political positions converge on many points with the alternative there. But no one took issue with this: “Let’s see”, the answer given knowing that this would be De Batista’s personal choice. It still sounds like an alarm for 5 stars, forcing other parts of the legislature to live with a thorn.