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The first snow at low altitudes: at any time and in any regions

The first snow at low altitudes: at any time and in any regions

Here we go, the atmospheric circulation is in “winter operation” mode. High and low pressures will be redistributed across the entire European continent, causing significant modification in climatic conditions.

Fundamental changes, keep in mind that a powerful anti-eddy blockade is about to form at high latitudes. In particular, the Azores high pressure will push northeastward, joining a very active Russo-Scandinavian high pressure. what does that mean? Simple, that particularly cold air would move from east to west, presumably encompassing much of north-central Europe.

It is clear that in these sectors we expect the first heavy snowfalls at very low altitudes. Be careful, because all computing centers tell us that some hail must touch the northern regions. Right now, looking at the thermal projections, we can tell you that snow conditions at lower elevations can be created here.

By lower altitudes, we obviously mean hills, but according to some IACs, there may also be surprises in the Po Valley.. Here, then, that winter will begin in style.

On the other hand, in the rest of Italy there may be very unstable weather conditions but with slightly higher temperatures. This is because the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean may not close completely and oceanic interference may lead to new phases of bad weather. The deposits, in this case, will take on a snowy nature on the hills.

What clearly emerges from today’s analysis is a normal start to the season. Victory soon sang, it’s true, but a normal life is already a great achievement. Among other things, a not insignificant element, a great conquest of the Arctic could begin at a later time and here the effects could extend over a large part of Italy. But at the moment it is still too early to talk about it.

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