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The first photos of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are too incredible to be true (pics and videos)

The first photos of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are too incredible to be true (pics and videos)

Nicola Legs

Pixel 6 e Pixel 6 Pro They should be the ones you see in the photo above. At the end of the article there is also a file Video From Tech front page That is where these photos come from, along with a gallery of other show ads High accuracy That you can go sifting softly. Do it! we are waiting for you. See you in the next paragraph, but take another look at it first in this profile picture.

So, let’s start with the basics: How much can we trust Who are these photos? The answer is complicated. Complicated because the relevant leakage, John Prosser, It was not always the most reliable; Although he expected something real about the latest pixel dates, in addition to unveiling the Pixel hour (Which, by the way, was never announced), and also, for example, i The new MacBook Air (The turn has not yet been announced).

The point is, we tend to be The skeptics-But the pictures involved … down to Google, that is I personally believe him.

Another important clarification: They are not original photos, But to present a rebuilt basis Practical picture From the two smartphones: in this way the identity of the source is protected, but we can still see honestly how the two smartphones should be.

After years of iterative design, Google has changed course, and it is doing it in some way Clear and original. Two smartphones with similar lines but different sizes, but this time they will not be separated from the diagonal of the screen only. The Pixel 6 Pro already has it 3 rear cameras Against the Pixel 6’s 2. And it is by no means certain that there are no other significant hardware differences. In fact, the “XL” suffix disappears, replacing it with the more fashionable “Pro”, indicating that there is not only a dimensional difference between the two.

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The Bumper The back housing the photographic sector is unique, undoubtedly remains printed, and serves as well Break into two colors Back cover for smart phone. You can see two of them above, but at the start of the Pixel 6 Pro Gallery there is another variant Even more elegant.

Jon Prosser doesn’t have any technical details to share: he only has the photos and nothing else. What assures us is that what we are looking at are very faithful copies of the originals, incl Wall paper The front end, widget, clock and even a fingerprint on the screen, which clearly indicates the presence of a file Fingerprint reader under the screen: For the first time for the pixel.

But remember that, Based on another leak Which we believe to be reliable, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro should be their first smartphones Google Silicon, Or with the SoC the company has developed itself, like Apple (or even Samsung, for what it deserves) has been doing for years.

If you combine these three pieces of the puzzle (the wizard, the new design, and the arrival of the smartwatch as well), it looks (and deserves to be highlighted) soundBecause we’re talking about Google) that BigG is ready to do that this year All in On new pixels; Who is willing to Really believe itfor one time. What this means in practice has not been given to us to know, just as we cannot assume that the Pixel 6 will arrive in Italy, given that the Pixel 5 (And maybe 5 aHe didn’t, but without a doubt, he never liked it this year, Let’s hope Google. what do you think?

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